Historical Highlights


Apr.  Have OEM cooperation with Vizrt for all graphics products


Apr.  OEM strategic cooperation with Vizrt for Mosart studio automation products

Jun.  Attend the annual meeting of Yinchuan National City TV station

Aug.  Strategic cooperation with SMT

Aug.  Attend BIRTV exhibition in Beijing, and SEEDER robotic crane RB28CR won BIRTV AWARD for Outstanding Product prize


Jan.15  SEEDER attends 2018 CABSAT show in Dubai,UAE

Apr.07  SEEDER attends 2018 NAB show in Las Vegas,USA

May 18  Participate in the technical annual meeting of Hainan city TV station

Jun.23  SEEDER attends 2018 BCA show in Singapore

Aug.22 SEEDER attends 2018 BIRTV show in Beijing

Sep.14  SEEDER attends 2018 IBC Show in Amsterdam,the Netherlands

Dec. 1  Hangzhou R&D center established


Apr.21  SEEDER attends NAB Show 2017 in Las Vegas USA

Aug.23  SEEDER attends BIRTV Exhibition 2017 in Beijing

Aug.23  New Product PW-PD Serie Smart battery launched

Sep.01  S40 Series tripod updated to T40 Series

Sep.12  SEEDER attends 2017 IBC Show in Amsterdam Netherlands

Nov.08  SEEDER merges Qingdao Saiwei Robot Technology Co., Ltd

Nov.21  SEEDER Qingdao Robot Technology Co., Ltd established

Dec.05  SEEDER Smart Batteries come in o the market

Dec.09  National New Media Operations Training Conference held in Hangzhou

Dec.10  SEEDER robotic crane, elevating robot and robotic pan/tilt head launched in Hangzhou


Mar.23  New media operation seminar in Beijing

Mar.31  Confirm the direction of new media development in Hangzhou

Apr.17  SEEDER attends 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas,USA

Aug.23  New Media meeting in Beijing -new strategic direction comfirmed

Aug.24  SEEDER attends 2016 BIRTV show in Beijing

Oct.22   New media operation Nuts interaction goes on line


Mar.19  SEEDER attends CCBN Show in Beijing

Apr.14   SEEDER attends 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas,USA

Apr.14   Official website launched

May 14  First alliance partner contract signed

Jul.06  Set up SEEDER Technical Commission

Jul.08  The first meeting of  Justtong Technical Commission

Aug.25   The summit of Justtong technical commission in Beijing

Aug.26  SEEDER attends 2015 BIRTV Show in Beijing

Sep.11  SEEDER attends 2015 IBC Show in Amsterdam,the Netherlands


Sep.20   SEEDER established

Oct.15   Zhongshan R&D center established