Robotic Pedestal  RB12EH
Robotic Pedestal  RB12EH
Robotic Pedestal  RB12EH
Robotic Pedestal  RB12EH

Robotic Pedestal RB12EH

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The elevating robot assembled with a precise spherical robotic head can shoot automatically and intelligently, which is perfectly designed for various studio Reality, AR or VR shooting. 


1.Replace professional crane operators. 

2.Standardized the camera shooting at beginning and ending of the news or special topic programs. 

3. Supply highly accurate Free-D data when used in VR or AR programs.

4.Offer professional tracking data to cooperate with live AR production in large-scale activity programs. 

5.In the OB van or large studio, automatic positioning robots are set up to achieve automatic camera shooting. 

6.When controlling ultra-high definition cameras, long lens shooting can achieve effective anti-shake. 

7.Reduce the error rate of manual shooting on important occasions. 

8.The camera motion can be remotely operated smoothly and remotely by control panel.


1.Professional start-stop anti-shake technology ensures the perfect films shooting

2.Automatically track major object when the crane moves. 

3.AI generate trajectory, achieve diversity curvilinear motions.

4.Absolute value encoders are used to record position data, only one-time calibration. 

5.Support Canon or Fujinon full servo lens, control zoom, focus function and collect tracking data.

6.Automatically adjust the delay of pan and tilt according to the delay data detected from the camera. Tracking Accuracy: 8300000/360°

7.Output Free-D data through both RS422 and UDP

8.Can be controlled by third part equipment via TCP/IP network protocol

Technical Instruction 

1. Automatically Position trajectory: the robot can precisely record the position in 4 axis,(pan,tilt,zoom.focus of robotic head ),adjust the speed of movement and record accordingly.

2.Overall weight: 4.6Kgs, Bowl Size: 100mm, Maximum payload of the pan&tilt head: 12kgs, which is suitable for mainstream brand cameras and can be mounted with a mini prompter. 

3.System input voltage: 220V. Maximum capacity: 90W. 

4.The noise volume is less than 28 Db at normal speed operation, which can meet the acoustical requirements of the studio. 

5.VR output module is optional, and the virtual tracking data is output by FREE-D(D1) protocol, which supports RS422 and Ethernet UDP. Apply to VR systems such as Vizrt, Avid (Orad), Brainstorm, etc.

6. Optional control panel can control the robotic remotely.

Movement specification

1.Pan range of the head: ±360°, speed: 0-60°/s, precision: 0.001°

2.Tilt Range of the head: ±75°, speed: 0-60°/s, precision: 0.001°?

3.Lens lifting range: 1150-2200mm, speed: 0-35cm/s, precision: 0.001°

4.Zoom and focus: suitable for mainstream lens. Speed: 0-52mm/s, precision: 0.001mm

Standard Configuration

1.One set robotic pan&tilt head.

2.One set quiet lifting platform.

3.One set control cable.

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