Technical Instruction

1. 6 axis motion (up/down of the elevator, pan, tilt, zoom, focus and aperture)

2. Work Height:1191mm-1961mm

3. Payload of the Pan & Tilt Head:30kg

4. Overall Weight: 80kg

5. Power: 110V/220V, 320W

6. Noise Volume:<28dB (at the maximum speed)

7. Preset 32 programs, 32 sequences per program, and 16 scenes per sequence

8. RS422, UDP, TCP and USB-C four way output FREE-D data, VR tracking accuracy: 0.001°

Movement Specification

Pan range of the head: ±350°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°

Tilt Range of the head: ±120°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°

Lens lifting range:1191mm-1961mm, speed:0-35cm/s, precision:0.001°

Zoom and focus: suitable for mainstream lens. Speed: 0-52mm/s, precision: 0.001mm