Type : Pedestal
Brand : SEEDER
Apply : Studio High Definition Video Camera or telephoto lens, such as AK-HC2500   HDC2580


1. 100mm diameter air column, double color digital barameter

2. Pedestal Payload: 40kg, On-shot stroke: >39cm

3. Damping structure and effective counterbalance system.

4. Pedestal and fluid head by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity

5. Assembled with a dolly which can set and follow the moving trajectory




1. Pedestal Payload: 40kg

2. Head Fitting: 100mm

3. On-shot stroke: >39cm

4. Double color Digital barameter


Hydraulic Damping Fluid Head:

1. Bowl Size: 100mm

2. Payload Range: 3-26kg

3. Counterbalance : 16

4. Grades of Drag: Horizontal 10/Vertical 10

5.T ilt Range: +90°/-80°


System Specification:

1. System Working Height: 99-175cm

2.T emperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

3. Weight: 23.5kg


Standard Configuration:

1. S 260H, fluid head made by CNC processing with 30s time lapse illuminated leveling bubble

2. PL200, quick release plate

3. Each 2 pieces of 3/8”and 1/4” screw

4. PB100, dual telescopic pan bar

5. PT40, pedestal system with 100mm adapter base,direction adjustable dolly and barometer charger

6. Manual pump