Apply : Studio High Definition Video Camera or telephoto lens, such as AK-HC2500   HDC2580
Brand : 希德/SEEDER
Type : Studio Tripod

Product Feature: 

1.CNC processing with long use life and it's hard for air escape. 

2.Cyliner diameter: 100 mm. 

3.Double color data display.

Technical Specification: 

Pedestal Tripod 

①Pedestal Payload: 40kg

②Head Fitting: 100mm 

③Pedestal Range: >39cm

④Double color Data Display Instrument

Hydraulic Damping Fluid Head:

①Bowl Size: 100mm

②Payload Range: 3-26kg

③Counterbalance : 16

④Grades of Drag: Horizontal 10/Vertical 10

⑤Tilt Range: +90°/-80°

System Specification:

①System Working Height : 99-175cm

②Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

③Weight: 23.5kg


Including: 100mm Adapter Viewfinder Extension, Dual Telescopic Handle Bar, Manual Pump, Dolly