Robotic Crane RB28ARM


Robotic Crane 

1. Automatic on-air shooting tracking
2. Camera operation simulation via control panel
3. Automatic motion tracking recording
4. Encoder with extremely accurate virtual data outputs
5. High stability, quiet operation

Functional Specification
1.It follows the operation automatically and it could track the subject when the robot rocker arm moves, it is easy to use.
2.Using robot automatically rocker arm, it could locate the shooting subject intelligently. "Fool-style" shooting practice retains the cameraman's original operating habits and thinking, replacing the photographer cumbersome manual shooting process. It can realize the requirements of fixed-lens type of program standardization, high accuracy, positioning and smoothness. It can greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of program production.
3.When the robot moves vertically and horizontally, the moving trail could be located precisely.
4.Compatibility of the mainstream virtual system. (Vizrt, Orad,Ideapool, CDV, DAYANG, DLP) No delay and precise.
5.It is used for the News studio, virtual studio, small and medium interview program recording.

Technical Specification
1.Total Length: 2.4m-3.8m, with manual adjustment, the overall weight is less than 170kg (including 6kg of camera and 50kg of counterweight). The fluid head is measured that the maximum effective payload weight is 28 kg, it is suitable for the mainstream brand camera. It can add other equipment such as teleprompter. The voltage is 220V/110Vand the maximum power is 300W.
2.When it runs with the normal speed, the sound is less than 20db, it could meet the acoustics requirements of the studio. 
3It can control Canon or Fujifilm lens zoom and focus function, and it adapts to all kinds of full servo protocol
4Humanized trajectory simulation programming control system is short for SWR, it can remote control humanizedly, and it can also track based on the direction of shooting subject and internal intelligent operation of system.
5Support RS422, RS232, Ethernet communication protocol, use Free port data protocol and Free-D agreement.

Movement specification:
Horizontal extent of the fluid head: ±175°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°
Tilt Range of the fluid head: ±60°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°
Horizontal extent of the body: ±360°, speed:0-45°/s, precision:0.001°
Tilt Range of the body: -25°-60°, speed:0-45°/s, precision:0.001°
Zooming and focusing, it is suitable for full servo lens, speed: 0-52mm/s, precision: 0.001mm

Accessory list:
1.1 set of robot integrated console
2.1 set of robot spherical omnidirectional fluid head
3.1 set of 2.4m-3.8m telescopic arm
4.1 set of robot rocker arm base
5.1 set of control cable
6.1 set of container