Robotic Control Panel RBCS100


Robotic Control Panel RBCS100

System Function:
It is used for SEEDER RB series machine operation control.The voltage is 220V/110V and the maximum power is 50W.
1.The system uses X86 hardware platform: Intel Industrial Dual Core CPU, Integrated high-performance GPU, SSD high-performance solid state drive, 13.3-inch industrial full HD capacitive IPS touch LCD screen, it supports multi-touch.
Accessory: 2 RJ-45 Ethernet port, 2 USB3.0, 1 RS-232, 1 RS-485
The software platform uses Linux system architecture which makes it safe, reliable and strong stability.
2.It uses a humanized operating interface, the acceleration and deceleration of trajectory running can be preset by a unique optimization algorithm in advance. The system can automatically match the optimal damping coefficient, and it can solve the problem of image jitter without adjusting the complex parameters.
3.With scientific management of program scene, different program scenes correspond to an independent background, it is easy for operation and convenient for transfer. The start button is distinguished by color, and equipped with the corresponding entity keys to ensure the safety of program production and reduce misoperation.
4.With six-axis simulation console, its feel and damping fully simulates broadcast-quality equipment, it is easy for use and it can improve the efficiency of program production.
5.Electric follow-up and automatic operation can be switched intelligently, even though the software automation is uncontrollable, the device can still be normally controlled by the six-axis analog console.

System Features
1.Automatic lifting. When the device is pressed the power button, the display will automatically rise and the shutdown automatically reset.
2.Light recognition. Console indicator light shows light effects and prompts the operation of the equipment based on the robot safety alert status. The entity key has RGB lighting effect, the software can be synchronized according to the running status of the robot to change the lighting effect to make the user recognize the working state of the device easily.
3.Zoom and focus. Integrate the zoom knob on the joystick with moderate damping, it is easy to operate with the thumb. The focus knob is on the left side position of the panel, which makes it easy to use.
4.Unlimited control. The red button on the zoom knob has the function to pause the joystick-to-robot connection.
5.A robot console can be connected with multiple robots, the console can communicate with mainstream virtual systems hosts, and it can also communicate with studio lighting and audio consoles.

Size: 300*400*170 (mm²)

Weight: 5.5kg