Application of SEEDER Robotic Crane in the Studio Automation System of ZTV-6 Channel

2022-09-28 14:01:27 May

On September 3, 2021, the leaders of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group visited the studio automation system of their ZTV-6 channel located in the main building, and listened to the presentation of the system by the channel producers and the changes brought by the normal operation. Through practice and summary, the leaders spoke highly of it.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Since April 2021, after the integration of studio automation system project of ZTV-6 was completed by SEEDER, the recording and broadcasting program "old uncle Qiantang" was first recorded online. At present, it has been running normally for nearly half a year. For this 150+80 square metres automation studio, the direct change is that the program recording was completed jointly by seven people, but now it can be completed by one person. At the same time, it allows smarter use of manpower with SEEDER robotic crane, large screen packaging and the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Meanwhile, the next upcoming programe "1818 Gloden Eye" live has been prepared well and will be launched for trial broadcast in the near future.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

With the increasing development of broadcast television industry, studio automation is a trend. Compared with the traditional studios, these studios are equipped with automated systems and equipments. Such as robotic crane, virtual head tracking sytem, etc.

SEEDER Robotic Crane System: it is designed and developed for studio automation solutions, it can automatic operation shooting and remote control by one person. Payload of the pan & tilt head is 30kg, 28kg, 18kg, or 12kg.

Features of this camera crane system:

1. Anti-shake technology

It's very very important to ensure the anti-shake when shooting in the studio, especially in the case of FAST start/stop instead of SLOW start/stop, there should be no shaking picture during shooting, especially the long focus end motion anti shake.

2. AI curvilinear motion

We are pround that we developed this continual multipoint ultra-smooth curvilinear motions through integrating AI technology in it and makes it recognised by the industry. We emphasize continuous curvilinear motions, it refers to the continuous point movement from point A to B to C to D to.., rather than stopping at each point and then continuing to shoot. Otherwise, it is linear motion rather than curvilinear motion.

It's AI curvilinear motion with 8 axis can well ensure the camera shooting of complex motions. Camera operator can accurately locate the movement track and adjust the movement speed of jib arm & pan tilt head motions according to  the actual shooting needs, and the crane can automatically shooting by just one click after movements that have been saved.

3. Dual collision avoidance technology

Optical and dynamic collision avoidance technology ensure the safe and stable operation of the robotic camera crane system. Two sets of optical detection systems are built on the two sides of the jib arm, which can set the detection range according to the actual length of the jib arm. When the optical anti-collision system detects an object, the anti-collision system starts and sends a pause command immediately, which can brake and stop the movement within 20cm to ensure the safety of operation. At the same time, according to the motion mechanics, when the motion resistance changes abnormally, the system can automatically suspend the operation to realize dynamic anti-collision.

4. AI face recognition technology

AI components are selected to realize HDSDI output signal access of the main camera, SEEDER's AI face recognition technology is not only face recognition, but AI face and bones animation recognition, automatic focusing, and low delay tracking motion shooting.

5. VR/AR/XR/LIVE programs for broadcast studios & evets

It's UDP and RS422 dual output FREE-D data, the crane system support VR systems such as Vizrt, Avid (Orad), Brainstorm, etc, and the VR tracking accuracy up to 0.001°, which makes it perfectly suitable for AR, VR and live programs, as well as can be well applied to all kinds of TV programs such as news, weather, thematic, government and education programs in the studio.

Movement Specification

Pan Range of the Head±165°speed0 - 60°/sprecision0.001°
Tilt Range of the Head±60°speed0 - 60°/sprecision0.001°

Pan Range of the Jib Arm

±355°speed0 - 60°/sprecision0.001°

Tilt Range of the Jib Arm

-25° - 60°speed0 - 60°/sprecision0.001°

Zoom and Focus

suitable for full servo lensspeed0 - 52 mm/sprecision0.001 mm