Five Advantages of Portable Robotic Crane

2022-11-04 09:35:10 Ari

Speaking of the robotic camera crane, the words that may pop up in your mind are "heavy", "huge" and "expensive". However, the robotic camera crane also has a portable type, such as SEEDER RBL08CR is a typical one designed for handheld cameras & DSLRs.

Compared with other camera cranes, the portable robotic crane is small in size and has a 1.8m-3.2m telescopic jib arm. The structure of the portable robotic crane is relatively simple, which is composed of a L-type pan and tilt head, jib arm, tripod chassis, control box, lens server and control cable. The operation mode is automatic, very simple and efficient. Its 8 axis curvilinear motion of XYZ, robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus and aperture brings unlimited space for broadcast TV professionals to create.

Here Are Five Advantages of Portable Robotic Crane In the Industry:

1. Reduce Production Costs

The appearance of this portable equipment has greatly reduced the cost of TV production. First, the equipment itself is cost-effective. Second, it makes the work that needs to be completed by the team can now be done by only one person. Third, it is equipped with a lens server, and combined with AI technology and strong stability, it is easy to complete complex motion lenses. Therefore, after shooting with this equipment, the TV production cycle is greatly shortened, and the equipment investment and the number of production personnel are saved. In today's competitive environment, this advantage is particularly prominent.

2. Small Size, Light weight, Easy to Carry

Compared with the large robotic camera crane, which weighs nearly 200 kg, it is small in size and light in weight, and can be carried and installed by one person. Limited by space environment and other factors, large camera crane cannot be erected in some spaces, and small camera crane can be easily used. What's more, the configuration and simple operation of the portable robotic camera crane system liberates photographers from hard work, so that they can retain more energy and physical strength to consider the picture composition, light, angle and shooting techniques to complete artistic creation.

3. Quickly Assemble and Immediate Use

One of the reasons why it is portable is that each module is independent. One person can easily complete the installation within 10 minutes without any tools. Moreover, one-time calibration and available in seconds after power on make each use very convenient. In the shooting of news programs, there are many uncontrollable factors and unexpected situations are difficult to predict. When you just get ready for the tripod to start recording, you may have missed some key shots, or even the event has ended, making your news worthless. With the advent of portable robotic crane, it is easy for you to keep your camera on during the whole interview process. You can shoot news events at the first time.

4. Remote Control and WiFi Connection

Standard TCP / IP network protocols, which can be controlled by third-party equipment or system to realize automatic operation. It can remote photography through network transmission. In addition, with the WiFi function, we can also use WiFi for remote photography. It can automatic shooting and controlled by one person, cameraman can preset moves and trigger it with just one-click. New movements can be created with minutes and existing movements can be modified easily.

5. Strong Applicability

The portable robotic crane is flexible for indoor and outdoor application. It supports hoisting and vehicle mounted. The pan tilt head supports vertical shooting and independent use. FreeD protocol tracking data with 23 bit (830000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy can be output through RS422 and UDP, ensures the high precicion and wide application of AR/VR/XR/live production, such as live streaming, advertising, OB van, large scale activity, etc.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Portable robotic crane has its unique features and advantages. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our team for quotation or demonstration. We are very delighted to provide support for your project.


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