Application of Robotic Camera Systems in News Studios

2022-10-10 14:44:27 Ari

Today, the robotic camera systems mainly include: rail robotic camera system, self-propelled robotic camera system, fixed stand elevating robotic camera system, robotic crane system, cableway robotic camera system, etc. The main characteristics of these robotic camera systems are unattended, remote control, and precise positioning can be achieved by program customization control.  The moving speed, stability, and moving mode are much higher than those of manual camera systems.

There are some world leading robotic camera system manufacturers on the market, and their products are widely used in broadcast television field, such as news, talk shows, live, activities, OB vans, and so on. Here is a brief introduction to these systems that are active on the stage.

Self Propelled Robotic Camera System

The main feature of the self-propelled robotic is that it can realize the automatic control of axes movement. It mainly used in the news studio and can provide perfect smooth pictures for TV stations.

Rail Robotic Camera System

This system adopts the way of laying tracks on the ground or hoisting tracks on the ceiling, which can achieve a large range of position movement. Similarly, all movements and lens movements are controlled by remote programming. This kind of robot is mainly used in the broadcasting environment with large space, and it is mainly used for entertainment, evening party and live performance. 

Robotic Crane System

Robotic crane system controls 8 axis motion of XYZ, robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus and aperture, it can automatically shooting of AR, VR or real scene in various broadcast studios and remote photography. Features like remote control, automation and high precision make it widely used to improve the quality and efficiency of programs and reduce costs.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Robotic Elevator Camera Systems

With 6 axis motion of robot lifting, robotic pan tilt head, zoom, focus and aperture through the network, the system can automatically shooting of AR, VR or real scene and remote photography for broadcast applications. 

Compared with traditional camera systems, robotic camera systems can greatly improve the quality, productivity, work efficiency and save costs. It meets the requirements of fully automated studios such as "one-man studio" and "unattended studio".

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry