Chief Engineer of Huzhou TV Visited SEEDER

2023-02-10 16:29:44 Ari

On February 9, Mr. Wu, the chief engineer of Huzhou TV Station, led the director and engineers of their technology department to visit SEEDER's studio automation project and robotics. Mr. Zhu, President of SEEDER, and Mrs. Gan, General Manager, received warmly.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhu, President of SEEDER, gave an overall report on SEEDER's development, technical layout and technological innovation, and Mrs. Gan, General Manager, gave a detailed explanation on the use of studio automation system and robotics.

Mr. Wu and his team experienced SEEDER studio automation, graphics and robotics in the live room, and gave full recognition to SEEDER's products and technologies. 

Then, we visited and investigated the actual cases of SEEDER studio automation in the channel studios of Zhejiang Media Group in the afternoon.

The leaders and technical engineers experienced the operation process of SEEDER's automation studio and its technical advantages. For example, the program "Old Uncle Qiantang" on channel ZTV-6 requires only one person to complete all studio work of recording, AR/VR graphics, video wall graphics and online graphics. 

The leaders of the TV station commented that "after using SEEDER robotic crane, the investment in equipment has been greatly reduced, and the workload of the production staff has also been reduced. With one-click, the robotic crane can automatically adjust to the preset position. Not only can the position change be realized, but also because of the smooth curvilinear movement process, the moving pictures could also be used in the program, improving the viewing quality of the program.

In the past three years, at the same time, due to the impact of the CONVID-19, the market has been hindered. Our three R&D teams can keep improving research and development and constantly polishing and upgrading the technologies and products. Also, in January this year,  we have launched new products for the industry, namely, launched the third generation of robotic crane, rail robotic camera system and robotic telescopic jib crane system. The SEEDER automation studio system with all independent intellectual property rights can realize "one-click" and "simple and easy to use" operation in the whole process, which helps the broadcast television studios produce excellent programs efficiently, safely and at low cost.