SEEDER Robotic Crane Showcases Perfect Tracking at Beijing enlightV

2023-07-27 14:36:11 Ari

On July 6th, SEEDER's third generation robotic crane RB18CR3 completed a tracking test in the XR studio of Beijing enlightV. This test evaluated multiple performance metrics of SEEDER's robotic crane system in virtual production applications, including tracking accuracy, lens stability, and ease of operation. The test results showed that SEEDER's robotic crane achieved extremely high tracking accuracy with zero offset in the XR system, fully meeting the strict demands for tracking precision and start/stop anti-shake in XR systems.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

enlightV is a high-tech company specializing in virtual production technologies. Its brands "Hirender Media Server" and "hecoos Media Server" are internationally renowned software brands that have served national-level events including the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. enlightV holds a relatively high market share domestically. SEEDER's robotic crane has significant technological advantages in terms of anti-shake and tracking accuracy that fully meets enlightV's demands for virtual production.


(High-precision tracking of SEEDER's robotic crane)

To facilitate comparison of tracking performance, this article includes sample footage showing tracking offset issues for reference. Readers can directly observe the excellent tracking accuracy of SEEDER's robotic crane.


(Sample offset footage for comparison)

Relevant technical leads at enlightV expressed great satisfaction with the test results of SEEDER's robotic crane system. The system possesses industry-leading start/stop anti-shake and tracking accuracy that fully meets enlightV's practical business needs in the VP/XR production field. Moving forward, enlightV and SEEDER will have further complementary cooperation to provide more comprehensive overall solutions for VP/XR customers.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The differences between SEEDER's robotic crane's mechanical tracking and optical marker tracking are in the following 3 aspects:

1. Optical marker tracking is passive reverse positioning, while the robotic crane actively provides data from motors, thus having higher accuracy and lower latency.

2. SEEDER's robotic crane is unaffected by changes in lighting.

3. The robotic crane enables installation by hand within 15 minutes and lens calibration within 30 minutes, very convenient to set up. Optical marker tracking has certain requirements on the height of the venue and needs a long time in advance to layout the markers.

Of course, optical marker tracking has advantages in flexibility and convenience, so the most suitable scheme needs to be chosen based on different shooting requirements of the program. XR shooting generally only allows one camera position, while the robotic crane can provide an automated one-shot solution very suitable for XR use. And the FREED tracking data of the SEEDER's robotic crane can be directly used in XR virtual production. In terms of tracking accuracy, response speed, ease of use and more, SEEDER's robotic crane system has unique technological strengths and is gaining increasing favor in the market.

SEEDER welcomes more virtual production companies to test the product and is willing to cooperate deeply with more industry customers. Feel free to inquire anytime.