SEEDER Robotic Crane Enables XR + Live at Samsung New Product Launch

2023-08-18 16:00:54 Ari

Using robotic crane for XR shooting unlocks new creative possibilities for virtual production. With the precision movement and ability to repeat predefined motions, robotic crane can automatically capture intricate, unlimited shots in a virtual studio. This enables more dynamic shooting than traditional static rigs.


Samsung's new product launch event incorporated groundbreaking XR live streaming technology enabled by SEEDER's robotic crane. This represented a major milestone in virtual production by using advanced robotic camera system for shooting and broadcasting.


The event featured virtual influencer Mu Lan in partnership with Samsung for the theme "Cross-Dimensional Beauty" at the beginning of 2022. As China's first virtual technology influencer, Mu Lan made history as the first virtual personality to use XR+ live streaming, pioneering a new era of virtual human technology.


The production team utilized 5G, XR, AI and other technological innovations, partnering with DisguiseChina’s experienced production crew, the 160° wide field-of-view curved LED screen structure and ground extension technology, SEEDER robotic crane, all of these contributed to highlights to this collaboration.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In the scenes with the virtual Mulan and the real host Mr. Li, the real-time XR virtual synthesis technology was used to seamlessly combine them, transcending the traditional approach of shooting separately and compositing in post. This enabled multi-scene shooting and greatly increased production efficiency, resulting in much more realistic final effects.


The virtual human Mulan involves the integration of various technology application fields, mainly including graphics rendering, motion capture, speech recognition, natural language processing, multimodal technology, deep learning, and other technical domains.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Mulan, China's first real-time tech virtual influencer, differs from other virtual influencers that require post-production "face swaps" to insert virtual heads onto real human bodies. Mulan can be shot in real-time using SEEDER robotic crane for motion capture. Through the use of body and facial motion capture technology, real-time footage can be achieved without the need for post-production, achieving instant live rendering. Its smooth 8-axis curvilinear movements and anti-shake technology ensure stable and safe footage. The intelligent, pre-saved movements operation also maximize efficiency.


Overall, the seamless integration of robotics, XR rendering, motion capture, and LED video wall enabled by SEEDER robotic crane represents cutting edge innovation in virtual production, pioneering new creative possibilities for live streaming.


With its high precision, ultra-low latency, and immunity to environmental disturbances, the SEEDER robotic crane system represents a highly competitive solution for virtual production, pioneering new techniques in the field.