Successful Conclusion of the 2024 SEEDER Annual Conference!

2024-02-06 15:13:49 Ari

On February 2, 2024, the SEEDER Spring Annual Conference with the theme "Strive Forward with Determination" was successfully held in Hangzhou. All employees of the company gathered together to celebrate the achievements of 2023 and look forward to the journey ahead in the Year of the Dragon!

Reflecting on the Past, Charting the Future

The annual conference was chaired by the company's Administrative Director, Yang Weihua. Sales directors from the East, South, Central, North, Southwest, and Northwest regions gathered at the Hangzhou headquarters to participate in the conference and deliver detailed work reports on their respective regions.  The conference comprehensively summarized the company's sales achievements in 2023 and delved into the market layout and development plan for 2024.

The overseas sales team shared their achievements over the past year, reported in detail on the implementation of projects in various countries, and conducted in-depth analysis, prediction, and layout of the overseas market for 2024.

Leaders' Messages, Enlightening the Future

R&D Manager, Sun Quanxing

Mr. Sun presented a detailed report on the R&D team's work and achievements over the past year, as well as a comprehensive plan for product development in 2024. During the development of ST2110, the team faced unprecedented challenges and immense pressure. Physical and intellectual efforts alone were no longer sufficient to sustain them; a powerful will and unwavering spirit were also needed to overcome technical difficulties. 

Through the development of ST2110 products, the team's capabilities have been continuously strengthened. Mr. Sun hopes to build an R&D team with faith, mission, perseverance, and core competitiveness. He aims for every team member to become stronger and more outstanding, possessing a strong inner core.

CEO, Jin Rishan

Mr. Jin officially assumed the position of CEO of Hangzhou SEEDER Network Tech CoLtd on February 1, focusing on domestic and international sales management. With his eighteen years of experience in sales management in the broadcasting and television industry, SEEDER will improve its systematic sales management system and pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales service systems, striving to build a sales team with international competitiveness.

Vice President, Gan Meijun

In 2024, Mrs. Gan will be primarily responsible for SEEDER's brand planning and marketing, as well as promoting the application of SEEDER's products and technologies in non-broadcasting industries. This will provide market support for new product development and solutions, expand market share, and further consolidate the company's competitive advantage in the market.

Founder and President, Zhu Changrui

"The sea voyage depends on the helmsman, and all things grow under the sun." In the annual summary and outlook, Mr. Zhu the founder and president of the brand, emphasized three key strategic directions. Firstly, he stressed the importance of brand strategy, shaping it into the core engine of the company's development. Secondly, he focused on product layout, maintaining core competitiveness in the video production industry. Lastly, he emphasized that all employees should solve problems in R&D, sales, service, and other aspects with systematic thinking to provide more comprehensive sales and services. This will help drive the company's continuous growth in the market and make the broadcast television industry fall in love with "Made in China".   

Commending Excellence, Witnessing Excellence

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Focusing on honoring achievements and setting examples, the company recognized individuals who achieved outstanding results in their work in 2023. Each commendation embodies passion, dreams, persistence, and harvest.

New Year's Banquet

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