SEEDER was Invited to Participate in the Content Industry International Cooperation Salon & IBC into China Promotion Conference

2024-03-29 17:04:22 May

On March 22nd, the Content Industry International Cooperation Salon & IBC into China Promotion Conference, with the theme "Building Communication Platforms and Seeking International Cooperation," was successfully held in Beijing.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The salon invited many industry leaders and experts, including Ben Ewles, International Market Director of the Netherlands IBC LLP; He Dongbo, Deputy General Manager of China Broadcasting International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.; Han Qiang, Secretary-General of The China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers; Li Huijuan, Deputy General Manager of Ace Marketing Inc.; Lucy Davis, Sales Manager at IBC; Fu Liming, Representative for IABM in the Asia-Pacific region; Hui Feilin, Deputy General Manager of Investment and Operation Center at Beijing Yizhuang Urban Service Group; Xiao Zhigang, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Realmagic Technology Co., Ltd.; and Gan Meijun, Vice President of SEEDER Network Tech CoLtd., among others.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER was invited as a guest due to its participation in the Amsterdam IBC Exhibition in the Netherlands for six consecutive years. Mrs. Gan Meijun, Vice President of SEEDER, delivered a keynote speech on "Exploration and Practice of Enterprise International Communication." Mrs. Gan elaborated on the reasons why SEEDER chose to participate in IBC:

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Firstly, since the inception of the SEEDER brand, we have positioned ourselves on an internationalization path, developing and producing international Chinese made products. We aim to continuously narrow the gap with international leading brands in technology, and in some technical areas, even surpass them. With competitive advantages in pricing for Chinese manufacturing, we strive to expand overseas markets.

Secondly, among SEEDER's top ten product series, robotic camera systems and studio intelligent control systems have a solid user base overseas. With high labor costs overseas and a demand for high-quality program presentations, this provides SEEDER with opportunities to establish itself overseas.

Furthermore, while competing with international first-line brands, our R&D team continues to broaden its horizons, identifying our own shortcomings to optimize and improve our products more rapidly.

Lastly, expanding into international markets also helps enhance our international brand influence. When we see television stations in different continents using SEEDER's intelligent products, we, as SEEDER employees, feel immensely proud.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Choosing the Amsterdam IBC Exhibition primarily aims at expanding into the European market. After eight years of effort, SEEDER products have been exported to countries such as Spain, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Hungary, and others. Of course, facing the vast overseas market, we are facing many difficulties that we need to work hard to overcome. Expanding into overseas markets is a long-term strategic battle that requires years of cultivation, as well as maintaining and innovating in terms of quality and technology!

Attendees deeply resonated with Mrs. Gan's speech, and everyone wished SEEDER a successful exhibition trip to IBC in September 2024, and to achieve even better overseas results.