Designed for broadcast and converged media, the DM26 Digital Mixer is suitable for desktop applications, live sound reinforcement, OB van deployments, and more. Equipped with a 40-bit floating-point processing unit, it internally integrates an AoIP module for AoIP control and management.

Key Features

1. 26 mixing channels, including digital, analog, and AoIP interfaces

2. 8+1 motorized faders (ALPS)

3. 10.1-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen for intuitive and convenient operation

4. 4-band parametric EQ, 31-band graphic EQ (main output channels)

5. Noise gate, limiter, expander, and other dynamic processing for input and output channels

6. Built-in two independent digital effects processors with at least 23 professional effect algorithms

7. MUTE and DCA groupings

8. USB recording and playback (linear, MPEG)

9. Web-based online operation and remote control

10.Supports AES67 + AES70 standards, compatible with relevant central control management systems


Interface Types

1. Microphone/Line Inputs: 16 (XLR/Comb)

2. AES/EBU Inputs: 2 (XLR)

3. Line Outputs: 10 (XLR)

4. AES/EBU Outputs: 2 (XLR)

5. Monitor Outputs: Headphone + Line

6. USB Recording/Playback: 1 Stereo

7. AoIP Inputs/Outputs: 16/8


Performance Specifications

1. Mixing Channels: 26

2. Busbars Count: 16

3. Sampling Accuracy: 48KHz/24bit

4. Processing Precision: 40-bit Floating Point

5. Microphone Gain: -20dB to +70dB

6. Maximum Analog Level: +24dBu

7. Analog Input Impedance: 5KΩ

8. Analog Dynamic: 108dB (A)

9. Analog Distortion: < 0.01% @ +4dBu

10. Analog Frequency Response: ±0.2dB