S-MVP164 12G (UHD Multiviewer)

UHD Multiviewer

The S-MVP164 12G is a powerful Ultra HD multi-viewer processor that supports 16x 12G-SDI input channels and 4x SDI or HDMI multi-view output channels, with each output channel independently configurable to 4K or HD resolution.

Utilizing advanced motion compensation video processing algorithms, it delivers superior image quality and supports automatic conversion of color gamut and dynamic range, adapting to various signal sources and displays. It offers multiple display elements such as video windows, audio meters, UMD, tally borders, and clocks, supporting TSL3.1/4.0/5.0 protocols for dynamic source names and Tally auto-follow.

The device supports custom layouts, allowing input signals to be placed at any size on any screen, and the same signal source can be duplicated across multiple screens. The device offers flexible and rich interaction methods, enabling users to quickly switch layouts and enlarge sources to full screen with one click through web pages and network protocols.

With superior video processing algorithms, rigorous signal alarm detection, and comprehensive safety protection mechanisms, the S-MVP164 12G is a reliable IP signal core monitoring device, providing high-quality program production-level monitoring in 4K studios, OB vans, and broadcast control rooms.