RBCS110A Robotic Control Panel

For SEEDER robotic series operation control. Used to control the robotic series products, adapt two independent operating systems, touch screen control and physical buttons control which make the program production run safety. It can control the motion of crane body up/down, left/right, front/back; Pan & tilt of head and zoom/focus of camera.


1. X86 hardware platform: Intel kabylake CPU, SSD solid state drive, 11.6 inches industrial full HD capacitive IPS multi touch screen, standard 1 RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 4 USB ports

2. The software platform adopts Win10 system with simple operation interface

3. The touch control and physical buttons are used to set up two control systems

4. The feeling and damping of the six-axis simulation console completely simulate broadcast-level camera operation, which makes it easy for users to control it

5. Manual control follow-up and automatic operation switch intelligently

6. It can preset 32 programs, 512 sequences and 8,192 scenes. Different program scenes correspond to independent background operations and are easy to access

7. The acceleration and deceleration of the motion trajectory is preset by a unique optimization algorithm, and the system can automatically match the optimized damping coefficient

8. Light recognition function: The OLED backlights of the physical keys on the console display different colors according to the running status of the robot

9. Zoom/Focus: Set Zoom function on the joystick. Moderate damping makes it easy to operate with your thumb. The focus knob is placed on the left side panel for easy operation

10. Unlimited control: the red button on the zoom lever can suspend the connection between the joystick and the robot. When the head is controlled at a large angle, the operation range of the joystick is limited, that can be reset by pressing the pause button

11. One-to-many control: a console can connect and control multiple robots

Voltage: 110V/220V

Max Power: 55W

Size: 550*325*160(mm)

Weight: 5kg