MOS Server

Primary and Backup Automation Prompter Server

Prompter MOS Server Functionality

1. Utilizing MOS 2.85 protocol for synchronized main and backup servers 

2. Automatically syncs content from NRCS, compatible with NRCS brands including ENPS, Octopus, SEEDER, and iNEWS 

3. Automatically pushes prompter content to main and backup terminals 

4. Flexible grouping and configuration of control terminals, prompter terminals, network hand controllers, and network foot controllers for main and backup operations 

5. Real-time monitoring of the operational status of all devices within each group


Configuration List

1x 64-bit processor with 20 cores and 28 threads, maximum turbo frequency of 5.4GHz

32GB DDR5 (2x16GB) memory

1TB  m.2 SSD

800W hot-swap dual power supplies

2.5G+1G dual Ethernet card

LED backlit LCD monitor - 21.5" high-definition screen