S120C2 Carbon Fiber Tripod System

S120C2 camera tripod is incredibly durability and are designed for constant use. Made from high quality manufacturer SEEDER.

  • Apply: ENG, such as AJ-PX5000  PDW-850


1. Damping plate structure and effective counterbalance system

2. Fluid head made by CNC machine

3. Load bearing parts made from 304 stainless steel ensure durability

4. Quick release plate


1. Bowl Size:100mm

2. Payload Range:3kg-15kg

3. Counterbalance: 10

4. Grades of Drag: horizontal 8/vertical 8

5. Tilt Range: +90°/-75°

6. Working Height:820mm-1780mm

7. Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

8 Transport Length:910mm

9. Weight:6.6kg 

Standard Configuration

1. S120H head with 30 seconds illuminated bubble level

2. PL100 quick release plate

3. Each 2 pieces of 3/8”and 1/4” screw 

4. PB100 single telescopic pan bar

5. CT162 2-stage 100% carbon fiber tripod with metal feet and mid-level spreader (or ground spreader)

6. CO100 padded bag