1. A multi-channel ST2110 standard IP video server system with PTP synchronization support.

2. Supports standard VDCP TCP and AMCP control protocols.

3. Outputs up to two channels of broadcast-grade 4K UHD video and four channels of HD video.

4. Supports all HD and 4K UHD video formats, including XDCAM HD422 MPEG2 50M, AVC LG25M/50M, XAVC 25M/50M, UHD AVC 125Mb/150Mb, HEVC 100Mb/125Mb, AVCUltra/XAVC, and others.

5. Supports file packaging formats such as MP4 and MXF.

6. Features main and backup hot standby video server systems.

7. Supports the reading of Chinese long filenames for video files and enables AB channel dual-channel switching.

8. Standard configuration includes: 4TB high-speed solid-state drive, dual 25Gb data ports, dual 1Gb management ports, and redundant power supplies.