Automated Content Management System (Studio CMS 2.0)

The Studio CMS 2.0 is an automated content management system that includes NRCS, rundowns generation system, and web prompter subsystems.

The Studio CMS 2.0 is an automated content management system that includes NRCS, rundowns generation system, and web prompter subsystems.

Based on a BS architecture, this content management system can integrate content with NRCS brands including ENPS, Octopus, SEEDER, and iNEWS. The automated rundowns production system allows the arrangement of various program flow templates and equipment control flow templates, ensuring automated operation for each program content. It supports standard NRCS workflows, generating news playlist suitable for video news, broadcasting, and programs. The video review process, supported by an H5 page, enables the migration of content from production networks to broadcast servers, controlled by program codes for broadcasting. The web prompter system integrates with the content management system for automated content input, automatically pushing content spoken by presenters in the news playlists to the prompter during production control.

Software Modules for Studio Content Management System:

1. Basic Module of Content Management System primarily consists of software and hardware operating environment platforms, database management, and related components.

2. NRCS Management: Manages, edits, and reviews content synchronized from NRCS to meet studio production needs. Includes modules for news gathering, drafting, review, playlists generation, archiving, assessment, video review, etc.

3. Automated Rundowns Generation System for Studios: Automates rundowns generation by integrating content, templates, and control data. Based on news playlists content, current program templates, and studio equipment control information, it generates rundowns for automated playback systems. Includes modules for program template creation, automated rundowns generation, rundowns transmission, control message feedback, etc., ensuring efficient program production.

4. Web Prompter System for Studios: The system connects the studio content management system with the NRCS's presenter speech content via the MOS gateway, enabling automated content integration. It automatically pushes this content to the studio control terminal, monitoring terminal, and prompter terminal. Integration with the prompter control system allows for networked automated playback control, supporting presenter hand or foot controller for networked prompter progress control.


Workstation Configuration:

1x 64-bit processor with 12 cores and 24 threads, clocked at 4.7-5.6GHz

32GB DDR5 (2x16GB) memory

512GB + 1TB m.2 SSD

800W hot-swappable power supply