Provides 2 100G data interfaces, supporting 16 4K or 64 HD ST2110 IP stream input channels. It also supports 4 4K ST2110 IP streams and 4 SDI multiview output channels. Each output channel can be set independently to 4K or HD resolution and can output ST2110 IP streams and 12G-SDI simultaneously.

Supports ST2110-10/20/21/30/40 and ST 2022-7 main/backup switching, along with NMOS S-04/05 protocols. It uses advanced motion-compensated video processing algorithms for excellent image quality and supports automatic conversion of color space and dynamic range, adapting to various signal sources and displays. It provides various display elements such as video windows, audio meters, UMD, tally borders, clocks, etc., supporting TSL 3.1/4.0/5.0 for dynamic source naming and tally auto-follow.

Supports NMOS IS-04/05 protocols for easy configuration and control of send/receive streams through NMOS software.

Supports custom layouts, allowing input signals to be placed on any screen at any size. The same signal source can be copied and displayed on multiple screens. The device offers flexible and rich interaction methods, allowing users to quickly switch layouts and zoom in on sources to full screen via a web interface or network protocols.