Product advantages

This microphone is novel appearance, excellent quality and high resolution. The line is special designed to identify illusion power supply automatically. It will not change the dynamic range even if use different illusion power supply. The design does not affect the sight of the speaker and the audience and apply for news broadcast and conference. The product adopts RFI technology to make sure anti-interference ability.


Technical specifications

Frequency range                             20-20000 Hz

Sensitivity                                       -34dB(@1kHz)

Directivity                                       cardioid

Maximum SPL                                128dB(@THD≤0.5%,1KHz)

Output Impedance                         100Ω

Phantom power                              12V-48V(4mA)

Equivalent noise level                      21dBA

Dimensions                                      φ20×45mm(microphone)

Weight                                             0.38kg(including accessories)

Standard accessories                       Villi cap one


Pointing characteristic and frequency characteristic

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry



Connect the connecting bar to the plate and install the microphone on the chuck and fix the lines. Connect the microphone to mixer input equipment and adjust to suitable height and volume. In order to get better effect, the distance between microphone and sound source is within 30cm.