WP2151A WebPrompter

21.5-inch screen, weighs 8.5 kilograms, and utilizes a multi-layer broadband dielectric beam splitter glass (hard film) with a mere 2-millimeter thickness.


It features a 21.5-inch screen, weighs 8.5 kilograms, and utilizes a multi-layer broadband dielectric beam splitter glass (hard film) with a mere 2-millimeter thickness.

The control methods are flexible and diverse, with options for keyboard, mouse, and wireless remote control. The range of subtitle speed adjustments is freely customizable, and navigating forward and backward through segments is effortless. The scrolling speed of the script can be controlled by the announcer using a remote control, allowing for both single and dual-person operation.


1. The system operates on a 64-bit Windows 11 23H2 operating system.

2. The system allows for the combination of 256 colors for text and background, and male and female announcers can individually choose their preferred background colors and text colors for their scripts. Users can freely select font styles and font sizes, and it supports customizing font size, type, and color display for different roles.

3. Convenient input and editing of scripts with automatic formatting. Supports various text formats such as txt, rtf, Word, and also allows for the direct opening of images, Word, Excel, PPT, video files, and more.

4. Suitable for the recording and live broadcast needs of various television studio programs. The text is bright and clear, and formatting features including paragraph styles, bullet points, indentation, and line spacing can all be customized. The date and time can be easily inserted into the script at any moment.

5. The software provides both regular and mirrored dual-screen displays for enhanced convenience and intuitive operation for announcers and technical staff.

6. Support different languages, like English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, France, Arabic and so on, also support minority languages in China.

7. The system automatically records scripts and, in the event of a power interruption, can automatically locate and open the script upon power restoration, ensuring script integrity.

8. Relative scrolling time and current time can be displayed on the same screen with customizable size, color, and the option to highlight key statements with different colors.


1. Metal spare parts are produced by CNC machine.

2. The patented three-level balance structure enables the front-to-back balance of the camera and teleprompter to be maintained without the need for additional counterweights.

3. Innovative elastic and expandable rubber ring lens sealing connection design for dust prevention and ease of use.

4. Multiple teleprompter terminals can be synchronized and controlled over the network, and synchronization control of one teleprompter to multiple teleprompter terminals can be achieved using a remote control.

5. Integration with the studio automation system allows for automatic updates of NRCS and teleprompter content through MOS gateway connectivity.

6. Integration with the studio automation system enables automatic operation in response to control commands from the automation system.

7. The teleprompter screen uses passive optical fiber HDMI signal input to ensure secure and reliable prompter signal transmission.

Standard Configuration

Prompter Structure Kit (2151) - 1 set

Brand Computer I5-12500/16G/256G SSD/21.5 inches - 1 set

Controller software - 1 set

HDMI Optical Fiber Cable (20M) - 1 set

Wireless controller - 1 pc