1 Main interface function:

Control the pan, tilt movement of the robotics, control zooming and focusing, adjust the movement speed, select programs and other buttons. Real-time display of all position data is available. The system configuration can adjust system communication, language, parameters and other modifications, and save them in time to take effect immediately. Long press the program button to edit the name. The zero reset button resets the equipment to the initial zero point position. The operation handle function can be locked to prevent misoperation. Tap the close button in the upper right corner to exit the software and return the pan tilt head to the initial zero point position. When the collision avoidance system is activated, a warning message is displayed and the robotics shooting motion is stopped.


2 Scene selection:

Tap the saved scene and the equipment will run according to the preset track. The interface buttons will have a lighting effect to show the movement status. If an abnormality occurs during the movement, press the pause button and the equipment will immediately stop all movement instructions. Tap the scene button again, the system will judge whether the abnormality has been eliminated, and the equipment can resume normal operation. The zero reset button resets the equipment to the initial zero point position. The scene can be speed locked after selection to adjust the speed.


 3 Scene editing:

The left and right graphic joysticks control the equipment movement. Tap the blank button to save the scene in the desired position. Long press the scene button to edit the name. Tap the delete icon. There will be a deletable icon prompt for the scene button. Tap the scene button immediately to delete. ▲ The control system can control up to 8 robot shooting equipment, preset 32 programs, 16 sequences in each program, and 16 scenes in each sequence. Sequences support long curve movements and forward and reverse running. The zero reset button resets the equipment to the initial position.


System configuration:

I5-8350U/8G/256G PCIE SSD/IPS touch screen 1920*1080/integrated graphics card/dual frequency wireless/bluetooth/camera/built-in battery/backlit keyboard/win10 64-bit enterprise edition/a set of robotic camera control system software