Support 23 bit absolute value encoders, pan&tilt resolution up to 8,300,000 /360°. With FREE-D protocol, it can compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, UE5, etc. It suitable for AR VR Live broadcast studio.

Specifications of Fluid Head

1. Bowl Size: 100 mm

2. Payload Range: 6kg - 30kg

3. Counterbalance: 16x2 level

4. Grades of Drag: horizontal 10/vertical 10

5. Tilt Range: +90°/-80°

6. Working Height: 1000mm -1640mm

7. Transport Length: 1060mm

8. Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

9. Weight: 10.8kg

Specifications of Data Processor DataBox5

1. Support data input via encoders in pan, tilt, zoom, focus, lens and crane.

2. Automatically identify the built-in encoder of Canon or Fujinon lens and collect tracking data.

3. Support 0.1 frame precision tracking data and lens data delay adjustment function.

4. Support FREE-D data, RS422 and directional UDP simultaneous output, can simultaneously output 5-way directional UDP, and the IP address and port number of UDP can be modified.

5. Two-point positioning function.

6. Assembled with touch operation screen, UI interface parameter modification takes effect in time, support USB-C power supply and software upgrade.

Tracking Precision

Pan Resolution: 8,300,000 /360°

Tilt Resolution: 8,300,000 /360°

1. Pan and tilt adopt 23 bit absolute encoder with tracking resolution of 8,300,000 / 360 °

2. Collect ZOOM and Focus data from Canon and Fujinon lens directly

3. One-time calibration

4. RS422 and directional UDP dual output

5. Auto-adjustment function of Lens delay and tracking delay, support two-point positioning

6. Full-CNC processing, fluid damping plate, 10+10+16x2 adjustable,

7. FREE-D protocol, compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, UE5, etc

1. S30VR, pan & tilt tracking head

2. V-type quick release plate

3. Each 2 pieces of 3/8”and 1/4” screw

4. PB100, dual telescopic pan bar

5. 20pin output cable for built-in encoders of Canon/Fujinon lens

6. Data processor: DataBox5

7. Pan & tilt data cables

8. Power adapter cable (Optional AC 220V input or 3.6-36V DC input)

9. AT221, single stage aluminum tripod with metal feet and mid-level spreader (or ground spreader)

10. CO100, padded bag