VR/AR Graphic UE5 VS 12GSDI

Real-time HD VR/AR graphics, using UE5 V5.2.0 3D real-time VR/AR rendering engine, with two channels of 12G-SDI inputs and two channels of 12G-SDI outputs, the output video reaches the industry 3A effect, especially light, physical rendering and powerful material editor. Blueprint system can make planning without writing codes. There is an open control protocol, which can automatically load content and templates through the network and trigger broadcast control and other functions on demand to realize the automatic production of the studio.

Real-time high-definition VR/AR system, using UNREAL ENGINE 5.2.0 three-dimensional real-time VR/AR rendering engine, two 12G-SDI input channels, two 12G-SDI output channels, output video reaches 3A-level industry effect, especially lighting, physical rendering and powerful material editor. The blueprint system allows planners to not write code. There is an open control protocol that can automatically load content and templates over the network, trigger playback control functions on demand, and realize automated production in the studio.


When conducting AR or VR virtual production in the studio, you can adjust the tracking parameters and lens parameters according to the camera position to perfectly integrate virtual objects and the environment in the scene. It supports the simultaneous real-time display of multiple virtual cameras in the virtual scene. The control software can control the virtual camera in real time. It supports local scene effect preview. During the playback of the animation in the scene, the camera position can be switched without animation jumping. Animation playback supports external device triggers. It supports real-time adjustment of parameters such as the direction, emission point, and color of virtual lights in the scene. It also supports software depth of field. When focusing on the host, the background can be blurred.


It adopts the Win11 64-bit operating system with a user-friendly and intuitive software interface. The software adopts a modular design and can be flexibly expanded as needed. The graphics design form is rich, the picture effect is novel, and more information is conveyed. The playback control workstation and rendering engine are rendered redundantly over Ethernet using crossover connections. After an accidental disconnection, there should be an emergency mechanism to complete the broadcast. It supports real-time pop-up windows and other stunts. And it supports high-definition video clips. It supports external data links such as weather, stock market, SMS, and road conditions (ODBC, XML, RSS, etc.).


It supports the switching relationship between infinite layers broadcast control and graphics elements, that is: it supports unlimited-layer independent broadcast control, that is, the number of elements (pictures, text, videos, 3D objects) in various live graphic scenes is not subject to any system restrictions (only limited by rendering capabilities), and can be located in independent layers and achieve independent up and down control without interference. It supports the establishment of switching relationships between elements (pictures, text, video, 3D objects) in each layer. The playback control personnel only need to focus on which element needs to be played. The predefined switching relationship can automatically move elements located in other layers that may cause overlap conflicts and cause playback accidents to ensure maximum playback safety. The number and types of elements that can set switching relationships with each other have no restrictions; independent layer playback control and switching only need to be implemented in scene design, and playback control personnel does not need to care about the implementation method to achieve the most simplified safe playback.


It supports real-time rendering of 3D objects, 3D texts, 3D images and 3D curves, and can make real-time changes and transformations through the broadcast control end during playback. It can ensure smooth, stable and jagged rendering of scenes when the camera is moving. When the camera focuses on virtual 3D objects/virtual video windows, the graphics of virtual objects are clear and electronic magnification does not occur. It supports playback of various formats of video files such as AVI, MPEG4, MPGE2, MOV, H.264, FLASH video, WMV, etc., and video clips can be cropped and spliced. It supports real-time anti-aliasing throughout the scene and has hardware acceleration capabilities. Using 32-bit true color, it supports pixel-level light sources;


Adopting a separated playback control structure, the playback rendering workstation and playback control workstation are separated. Connected via the network, the failure of the playback workstation will not affect the output of the rendering workstation. It supports the main and backup playback security mechanism, forming a backup using crossover connections; both the mainframe and the standby machine include a complete rendering machine and control machine, and the rendering machine and control machine of the mainframe and standby machine support real-time redundant hot backup. When the mainframe fails, the standby machine can take over the live graphic playout playlist of the mainframe at any time and immediately start working in place of the mainframe.


The system has powerful functions such as true three-dimensional panoramic virtual scenes, three-dimensional live special effects, virtual human live broadcast, panoramic switching, and virtual camerawork. It supports panoramic, distant, close-up and close-up multi-angle switching with and without tracking to meet the camerawork needs of different scenes. The virtual scene can also flexibly adjust the lens to display the live 360-degree live scene. It supports virtual background, custom material replacement and camera tracking positioning.


The system contains graphic design software, including a complete set of special effects plugins. The design system meets the following functions:

1) It provides a fully 3D design environment.

2) It provides an efficient and integrated operation interface that fully supports drag-and-drop operations to complete functions from modeling to three-dimensional scene building and animation creation.

3) It provides a large number of basic three-dimensional objects, including spheres, polyhedrons, gears, rings, springs, ribbons, arrows, etc. to help designers quickly build scenes.

4) It supports unlimited undo and redo functions.

5) It has a built-in complete image editing tool that provides a series of image effect adjustment functions.

6) It provides a complete animation creation tool that supports animation design based on keyframes and supports copying and pasting keyframes.

7) It provides digital visualization tools to easily convert various data tables into various charts.

8) It supports importing third-party 3D software models such as 3D Max, Maya, and C4D, and can inherit textures, materials, and the positional relationship of objects.

9) It supports the handling of audio files in the scene, design, and animation association.

10) It supports real-time HDR dynamic environment reflection mapping animation, which can reflect the textures in the 3D environment in real time on the shiny surfaces in the scene, enhancing the realism of the 3D scene.

11) It provides advanced shading animation tools to create various fluid, water, cartoon, and mirror shading effects.

12) It provides text effect animation tools to create text transparency/color change, arbitrary arrangement, text explosion, text jitter, text scaling, text rotation and text writing effects.

13) It provides real-time particle effect animation tools that provide rich adjustment options for particle properties to produce animation effects such as rain, fog, clouds, smoke, starry sky, and particles can undergo realistic physical movements under various external forces such as wind and gravity.

14) It provides a 3D curve following animation tool, where the specified graphic elements can follow an arbitrary 3D curve for follow-up animation to create complex highlight effects.

15) It triggers the control of the VR/AR graphic system through network protocols, automatically loads content and templates, generates instances, triggers playback at the scheduled time, and realizes automated production in the studio.


It includes:

Win11 22H2 64-bit Enterprise Edition

Seeder Licensing (Authorization Management System)

Seeder UE5 Rendering Engine Management System

Seeder Tracking Hub (Tracking System)

Seeder Studio Manager (Studio Management System)

UNREAL ENGINE 5.2.0 3D Design Software