The SEEDER CR12M-VR is a manual VR tracking crane system with 12 m jib arm. There are 4 pcs 23 bits absolute value encoders in fluid head and crane, plus 2 encodes in lens, to collect the position data and then output standard FREE-D by Databox5.


1. Length of the crane is 12 m, carbon fiber triangle tube, side length is 135 mm, bottom line length is 130 mm, weight of single tube is 1. 8 kg, adapt quick install instruction without screws. Front arm length is 9. 2+0.4 meters, behind arm length is 2 meters

2. Carton fiber telescopic tripod range 0-40cm, load capacity is 300kg, there is pan & tilt locker in slewing unit. Aviation pneumatic tire + T type tripod + brake unit. Counterwight<133. 5 kg

3. Carbon fiber support robs with light weight box, easy to transport

4. Carbon fiber electrical controlled U type head, load capacity 25kg, import advanced motor, CNN process gears, NSK bears, using stabilization system Perfect three axis moving

5. Digital display on control handle, inset 4 position recorders to stock the position data of Pan, tilt, zoom, focus. Pan & tilt speed adjust: 7 grades. Zoom adjust: 7 grades

6. Full servo lens controller, Integrated mount, inset 9 kind of core wire: 2. 5 pin for Sony, 2. 5/3. 5 pin for Panasonic, small 8 pin, 8 pin for Canon, 12 pin for Fujino, SLR USB, 20 pin for Canon full servo lens, 12 pin for Fujino full servo lens. Support full servo + semi servo controled model. Controlling zoom, focus and aperture of full servo lens by one wire, no need to install extra motors. You can control different type camera without changing the control handle

7. 7” screen monitor, output by SDI, HDMI and composite video. Support 16:9 monitor, with hood



1. Supports data input via encoders in PAN, TILT, ZOOM, FOCUS, LENS (built-in encoder), and CRANE XYZ.

2. Automatically identify the built-in encoder of Canon or Fujinon lenses and collect tracking data.

3. Supports tracking camera ID setting, 0.1 frame accuracy for tracking data and lens data delay adjustment function.

4. Support FREE-D absolute value data, RS422 and Ethernet directional UDP simultaneous output, and can modify UDP IP address and port number.

5. Supports inversion of ZOOM and FOCUS data, reverse functionality for PAN and TILT motion data.

6. Supports VR tracking crane, with customizable jib length.

7. Two-point positioning function.

8. Assembled with a touch-operated display screen, UI interface parameter modifications take effect immediately, supports USB-C power supply, and software upgrades.

9. Supports external sync signal input and loop-out, internal sync PAL/NTSC switching function, accuracy of 0.1 frame, no repeat error.


Tracking Precision

Pan/ Tilt/X/Y/Z Resolution: 8,300,000/360°