PT500 (2-Stage)

Two-stage pedestal system with direction adjustable dolly. Pedestal and fluid head by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity.


1. 90 mm-110 mm  2-stage diameter air cylinder

2. On-shot Stroke: >700mm

3. Double color digital barometer

4. Pedestal by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity

5. Dolly with brakes and lockable motion trajectory

Technical Specifications

Pedestal Tripod

1. 2-stage pedestal

2. Pedestal Payload: 50kg

3. Match 100mm or 150 mm head

4. On-shot Stroke: >700mm

5. Double Color Digital Barometer

System Specifications

1. Working Height: 700mm -1480mm

2. Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

3. Weight: 18.5kg

Standard Configuration

1. PT500 pedestal

2. Barometer charger

3. Adapter base

4. Dolly