1. Layer management architecture, supports 8 layers of 4K input video stream overlays.

2. Supports infinite cut-through technology, enables delay-free video stream switching within 60ms.

3. Handles any format audio and video stream within the computational power of CPU + GPU + dual 100Gb network cards.

4. A single 100G port supports 8 channels of 4K UHD or 32 channels of HD ST2110 input, with a maximum output of 6 channels of 4K UHD or 24 channels of HD ST2110. Includes a built-in multiviewer for 4 channels of 12G-SDI output.

5. Supports HD (1080 50i/50P/59.94i/59.94P/60i/60P) and UHD (2160 50P/60P/59.94P) video formats for input/output. Handles 64 channels of audio input/output with mixing capabilities.

6. Supports SMPTE ST 2110-10/20/21/22/30/40 protocols. IP inputs support SMPTE ST 2022-7 main/backup switching, and IP outputs support simultaneous main and backup link output.

7. Supports standard PTP synchronization signals. It performs frame synchronization on input IP stream signals and allows phase adjustment on converted SDI signals and IP streams based on PTP.

8. Supports NMOS IS-04/05 protocols for easy configuration and control of send/receive streams through NMOS software.

9. Utilizes mature X86 computing architecture and an embedded operating system, meeting 24/7 operational requirements.

10. Standard features include dual 100Gb data ports, dual 1Gb management ports, 1 business expansion slot, and redundant power supplies.