S-LSM100 (Live System Management)

Live System Management

1. Core Functions of Seeder LSM: (1) Device Management (2) Device Monitoring (3) IP Stream Scheduling. The main devices include switches, PTP servers, cameras, video servers, recorders, vision mixers, multiviewers, audio servers, etc.

2. Device Management. This module is primarily used to manage the basic information of the listed devices, including their names, brands, models, device port addresses, and synchronization status. It also lists the specific sender and receiver streams, displaying information such as stream names, IP addresses, ports, video formats, resolutions, etc.

3. Device Monitoring. This module is divided into four sub-modules: (1) Network Topology: Monitors network connection status, network traffic, and provides relevant information for each port, including temperature, CPU usage, memory usage, etc. (2) IP Stream Topology: Displays information about current input/output streams, such as stream names, IP stream video formats, audio formats, etc. (3) PTP Topology: Displays the synchronization status of each device. (4) IP Stream List: Shows all output streams and input streams in the current LAN.

4. IP Stream Scheduling. This module is responsible for binding output streams and input streams from different devices.