Integrated Multimedia Studio Automation Control System (ICS810)

Featuring small studio automation control, robotic camera system control, and integrated online broadcasting functions.

Featuring small studio automation control, robotic camera system control, and integrated online broadcasting functions.

★ The automation control system operates based on automated rundowns, using a PPT clicker to control the robotic pan-tilt movements, camera zoom; AR/VR engine layers; controls switcher operations, audio mixing, recording, video playback, streaming, and lighting system.

★ Robotic camera system control can manage up to 8 robotics simultaneously, controlling pan tilt head, camera zoom, focus, speed adjustment, program selection, and real-time display of position data. It supports up to 32 programs, each with 16 sequences and 16 scenes per sequence. Scene selection function: Pressing a saved scene will cause the equipment to follow the pre-stored trajectory, with lighting effects on the interface buttons indicating the motion status. In case of any abnormalities during motion, you can pause. After selecting a scene, you can adjust the speed by unlocking the speed lock. Scene editing feature: Control equipment movement with graphical joysticks, select ideal framing positions, press the blank button to save the scene. Up to 256 scenes can be saved per program.

★ AI shooting function: Capture SDI signal from the main camera and recognize focal lengths. Perform facial and skeletal animation recognition for stable tracking. Lock composition at startup for easy shooting. In multi-person compositions, select the current or optional tracking object. Automatic tracking delay is less than 0.25 seconds.

★ The integrated online broadcasting system consolidates all necessary functions for studio live/broadcasting, including vision mixer, audio mixer, video server, recorder, audio player, caption generator, channel logo inserter, virtual chroma keying, and network streaming/pushing, into a single system. This system is housed in a portable host with a built-in 17-inch IPS display and utilizes layered timeline control.

1. Supports unlimited sources, multiple cameras, microphones, network streams, IP cameras, computer screens, videos, and images.

2. Supports wireless App, allowing mobile phones to be used as cameras and wirelessly input as sources.

3. Supports internet/IP streaming, using any live source from the internet or network (SRT/RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/MMS) as a signal source.

4. Supports audio/video delay synchronization, audio-video synchronization tools, and adapts to various types of sources.

5. Supports social media integration, enabling direct drag-and-drop of information into live broadcasts for audience interaction.

6. Editing capabilities include dynamic editing of any source: zoom in/out, cropping, flipping, moving, color adjustment, picture-in-picture composition with up to 250 sources displayed simultaneously on screen.

7. Real-time graphics and text: supports subtitle effects software with built-in effects packages, PSD file input for animation creation, CG graphics functionality, intuitive timeline editing, drag-and-drop features, at least 200 templates for trailers, subtitles, logos, sports, etc., customizable templates, creation of playlists with import/export of CSV files, real-time HDMI output for monitoring.

8. Supports cascading multiple live devices to enable parallel operation of live broadcasting, subtitles, special effects, etc., and supports the NDI protocol.

9. Built-in audio mixer with mixing function, audio noise reduction and VU meter display, independent level control for internal and external audio signal sources, outputs, streaming, and headphone adjustments.

10. File recording supports recording of 4-channel video inputs and multi-format recording of PGM, customizable recording for segmented and single files.

11. Supports USB 3.0 and USB-C interfaces for easy connection to external hard drive arrays for unlimited program source recording.

12. Supports instant replay and slow-motion playback of PGM signals and any 4-channel video inputs, customizable playback duration, at least 4 playback speed modes; requires delayed broadcast function with customizable delay duration.

★13. Video outputs: 1 HDMI output, 3 DP outputs, supports virtual camera output.

★14. Real-time streaming supports most common streaming configurations and customizable multi-bitrate streaming configurations, at least 20 mode options, including RTMP streaming using H.264 encoding and Microsoft® Windows Media; maximum streaming resolution supports 1080P; can simultaneously broadcast 1 HD signal to at least 8 addresses/platforms; supports direct upload to streaming platforms as well as local or external storage and user's own network server.

15. Virtual Background: Built-in virtual studio scenes that can be edited.

★16. Supports and provides network control protocols, can be controlled by studio automation systems for automation tasks.


Hardware Configuration:

12-core 24-thread processor

32GB dual-channel DDR5 memory

2.5Gb Ethernet port

Custom video I/O: 8 channels of 12G-SDI

Storage: 500G + 2TB SSD solid-state storage