Real Digital Person Anchor of Virtual Studio in TV Station

2023-07-17 10:00:34 Ari

Virtual digital people bring various conveniences to news production. Virtual anchors can greatly reduce the cost of news content production, provide all-weather services and multiple application scenarios, and provide massive short video content, making up for the shortage of short video content production capacity of traditional media.

Taking a successful case of CCTV virtual studio system application as an example. The 4K ultra-high definition virtual studio system of CCTV network uses two sets of virtual rendering engines, which can not only form the main and standby rendering channels, but also achieve VR and AR rendering output separately, forming a scene presentation mode that combines virtual background and virtual foreground. The system adopts the green box matting mode, combines the lighting system and uses the built-in color key device to matt and synthesize images. The virtual system is mainly composed of virtual rendering engine, PTZ camera, color key device and green screen.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Through the UE4 integrated scene design, not only the image of virtual digital human is integrated into the virtual scene, but also through the Livelink of UE4, the network terminal receives the whole body motion capture data and facial expression capture data of digital human in real time, and renders and outputs them in real time through UE4 rendering engine. 

When it comes to virtual camera tracking technology based on Free-D protocol, SEEDER camera support equipments adopt FreeD protocol tracking data with 23 bit (830000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy. They are well compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, UE5, etc. 

Last month, SEEDER camera pedestal system was honored to participate in the real digital human anchor project of the TV station. With the help of AI technologies, real digital human anchors can quickly broadcast news and information, providing visual and interactive experience for viewers. Both SEEDER pedestal and fluid head are processed by CNC technology to ensure high precision and intensity, which can be matched with teleprompter. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The application of XR studio plus real-time motion capture virtual digital human is a trend now. One virtual stand plus four fixed stands facilitate the shooting during the epidemic. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

At the beginning of this year, Li Chen, the host, and Mu Lan, a Samsung virtual person, were launched into a hot search. During Li Chen's introduction of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G mobile phone in the live broadcast room, he was absorbed into a different dimension space, met Mu Lan, the virtual experience officer, and started a mysterious multi-dimensional experience journey. 

And SEEDER robotic crane RB30CR2 played a key role for Samsung's new product virtual release conference in the real-time xR studio. It's FreeD protocol tracking data with 23 bit (830000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy can be output through RS422 and UDP. The system can automatically and real time shooting the virtual digital people to ensure the live broadcast.