Top Leaders of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Visited SEEDER

2023-03-03 11:04:34 Ari

On March 1, Imai Hideki, the project senior director of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou, the senior director of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang, the project assistant director of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch, visited SEEDER in Hangzhou, China. Gan Meijun, the managing director of SEEDER, warmly received and accompanied the meeting.

The leaders of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. first visited and learned the SEEDER studio automation system and comprehensively experienced the unique advantages and technological innovation of SEEDER's system. SEEDER's technician introduced the company's latest business direction, excellent technical achievements and innovative products to them. Mr Imai Hideki and his team affirmed the achievements and innovative strength of our company in the field of radio and television, and showed great interest in SEEDER robotics and studio automation system developed by our R&D teams.

In the subsequent symposium, Mrs. Gan Meijun introduced the company's business structure and product series, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges and communication on the SEEDER studio automation system. After fully understanding the application and expansion of SEEDER's studio automation and robotics in radio, television and other industries, we both look forward to further deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in product development and scenario application in the near future to achieve win-win development.

SEEDER offers heavy and lightweight robotics according to the use requirements and budget. These professional camera support equipment can be applied indoors and outdoor, such as broadcast TV studios, activities, live streaming, events, OB van,etc.. Our continuous research and development and a large number of use cases make us better understand users and service users. SEEDER products, especially the robotics series, represent the most advanced technologies at present and are very suitable for automation studios. 

SEEDER is honored to have served the clients in broadcast television and other industries. And our team is always here to provide the excellent services and products to support your project!