Why Choose SEEDER Robotic Crane for Virtual Production

2023-06-19 17:06:28 Ari

The 2023 Shanghai International Virtual Production Summit and Digital Human Developer Conference (VPS&DHDC 2023) closed successfully in Shanghai on June 16. The two-day summit gathered leaders and experts from government, industry, academia, research institutes and end users. Focusing on digital content production, the summit focused on virtual production and digital human technology and applications. It comprehensively deconstructed the future trends of digital content in China and collided intellectual sparks for the growth space of the digital content industry. The SEEDER third-generation robotic crane RB30CR3 appeared in Surreal's movie-level virtual production studio and successfully completed the virtual tracking and shooting task!

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

On site, the SEEDER third-generation robotic crane RB30CR3 combines Surreal's VP rendering engine and LED screen wall to perform real-time virtual production and final effect presentation. It breaks through the limitations of traditional live studio venues and creates an immersive visual effects stage, bringing great convenience to commercial activities such as film, television and studio production.  

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In the past, movie-level VP/XR virtual production studios were mostly equipped with optical marker point tracking systems. Optical capture recalculated the position, a process called reverse calculation. Reverse calculation can be fast, but it is still not as fast as the absolute position signal directly output by the SEEDER robotics tracking. The optical marker point tracking system is passive reverse calculation, while the robotics tracking actively provides data from motors, so the accuracy of the data is higher and the latency is lower.

In addition, optical marker point tracking requires a large number of marker points in the early stage, and changes in light affect tracking accuracy. While robotic crane tracking is easy to install and unaffected by the environment.

At present, with high-precision real-time tracking, AI eight-axis curvilinear motion, ultra-low latency, easy installation and environmental independence, it has become an ideal solution for virtual production to achieve a more realistic virtual reality experience. It can be widely used for new product releases, advertising, live streaming, games, etc. 

As Jim Chabin, chairman of the International Advanced Imaging Association, mentioned in his video speech, virtual production provides production teams with flexibility and efficiency that traditional technologies and processes cannot compare. Creative staff can use virtual production technology to efficiently and cost-effectively rebuild a shooting scene that cannot be reproduced in reality. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can perfectly restore the voice, facial expressions, and even the actors themselves. This was unimaginable before, and it will become a mainstream application trend to change our lives, work and all aspects.

It is believed that in the VP/XR field, robotics tracking will become a very competitive selection scheme. SEEDER sincerely invites industry experts to jointly explore the future development of virtual reality technology and promote industry exchanges and cooperation.