SEEDER Completes Standardized Training for Domestic and Overseas Sales Teams

2023-07-17 10:29:04 Ari

To further enhance the business capabilities of its domestic and overseas sales teams and improve the company's overall competitiveness, SEEDER organized a three-day closed-door training at its Hangzhou headquarters from July 8th to 10th. The training was attended by regional sales directors across China and overseas sales teams, accompanied by technical staff throughout. 

Mr. Zhu Changrui, President of SEEDER, served as the main lecturer for this training. With his solid expertise, he introduced SEEDER’s product lines in great detail, including technical parameters, principles, patented technologies and leading international competitiveness. Ranging from theory to application scenarios to case studies, the regional directors and overseas teams gained comprehensive and thorough understanding of SEEDER’s offerings.

The industry-leading R&D achievements and sophisticated processing are the core competitive advantages of SEEDER products, instilling confidence as SEEDER enters global markets. Our R&D and production teams are truth-seeking and pragmatic, upholding rigorous standards for product technology and quality, providing staunch support for market sales and winning customers’ favor and trust, achieving excellent results particularly in high-end markets worldwide.

To deepen product knowledge and boost on-site problem-solving skills, technical engineers analyzed the operation of each product line extensively. Sales teams conducted hands-on assembly, debugging, routine maintenance and completed practical assessments. The hands-on experience not only enhanced practical skills but also deepened understanding of product use cases, laying the foundation for fully demonstrating products to customers.

During the training, SEEDER General Manager Ms. Gan Meijun leveraged years of sales experience and market analysis to elaborate industry trends, customer needs shifts, competitive landscapes, stressing that the team should effectively integrate resources, expand reach, and achieve sales goals.

Regional sales directors presented plans for the second half of the year based on respective market conditions. The atmosphere was vibrant, greatly enhancing sales team cohesion and execution capabilities.

Through this training, the sales staff gained comprehensive knowledge of SEEDER's core competencies, mastered product application solutions, and strengthened specialized skills. This has equipped the sales staff with the ability to provide customers with a variety of professional solutions in the field of real-time intelligent video production.