IBC 2018

2019-01-22 15:53:35 seeder

The IBC Exhibition 2018 covers fifteen halls across the RAI and hosts over 1,700 exhibitors spanning the media, entertainment and technology industry. Combining a world-class exhibition with specially curated feature areas and events, the IBC Exhibition provides the perfect platform for you to network and build relationships with suppliers and customers, discover the latest trends and technologies and drive your innovations and strategy.


Seeder sales team brought the new product robot crane RB28CR and the main product tripods to the 12th Hall this year.


SEEDER displayed a variety of new products at the IBC, so it attracted many merchants to come to the booth. SEEDER sales team gave warm receptions and positive answers to the customers, setting an excellent image to the overseas markets for SEEDER brand.

During the exhibition, SEEDER invited VIZRT's technical director to come to our booth to have a visit, he gave us much valuable advice and provided a big opportunity for SEEDER.


The IBC Exhibition 2018 has been successfully completed, we would like to thank all of the customers at home and abroad for their strong support for SEEDER products.