SEEDER Crane VR Tracking System involved in 'WCG 2020 Connected' Seoul

2022-09-28 13:49:01 黄文杰

The offline finals of 'WCG 2020 Connected' global E-sports competition was curtain down on November 8th in Seoul, Korea.
It is a top Cyber Games Event in the world. Its presenting partner, SAMSUNG SSD.

As a leading VR tracking equipment supplier, SEEDER was involved in this event through its partner Sol Media in Korea. 

Seeder CR12M-VR was used in this event, the length is 12m, tracking accuracy is up to 8,300,000/360°, adopts 23 bits absolute value encoders in head and crane to collect the position data and then output standard FREE-D by DATABOX 4.

Following is the video taken onsite.