SEEDER Professional Camera Pedestal System for TV Studios

2022-09-28 14:00:48 May

A camera pedestal is a kind of camera support equipment mainly used in broadcast television studios, it is also seen on outside broadcasts. Its function is a bit like a tripod, but it is more powerful than a tripod. The biggest feature of pedestal is reflected in the "rise and fall of air pressure".

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER is proud to introduce their industry-leading pedestal system, which is developed and manufactured by its R&D factory. Let's take SEEDER S20PT50 pedestal system as an example, please check the video for its features below.

About SEEDER Pedestal System

1. Pedestal Payload

The pedestal payload are different so as to meet requirement of different models of cameras. For SEEDER pedestal system, the pedestal payload are 50kg, 60kg, 80kg. Generally, the pedestal system is used with different payload hydraulic damping hydrulic heads. The cameraman can freely control the shooting height and angle during shooting.

2. CNC Proceesing

Pedestal and hydrulic head by CNC processing is one of the most outstanding advantages of SEEDER pedestal system. It is different from mould products, with higher precision, intensity and handfeel.

3. “Air Pressure Rise and Fall”

Although pedestal and tripod are both camera support equipment, the structural principle is very different. “Air Pressure Rise and Fall” is the characteristic. This design is more precise and involves many air pressure stabilization technologies. So camera operator can easily control the shooting height by gently lifting it with their hand. Also safety air pressure valve is equipped with to prevent air leakage and adjust air pressure.

4. Direction Adjustable Dolly

SEEDER pedestal system is equipped with direction adjustable dolly as standard, which can lock the movement track. This high performance dolly with brake ensures it shuttles smoothly and stably through various studios.

With the higher and higher requirements for the studio, we continue to increase investment in technology and quality in R & D. As a professional manufacturer of camera support equipment for broadcast, SEEDER is committed to provide high-end studio products with affordable price for the industry.

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