Application of SEEDER Robotic Crane in the Virtual Studio of Meteorological Field

2022-09-28 14:04:01 May

With the maturity of virtual technology, more and more program groups and TV stations choose virtual studio. As the mainstream meteorological media of the city, the media center of Taizhou Meteorological Bureau shoulders the important responsibilities of meteorological information production and release. And SEEDER robotic crane system was chosen for this studio, it plays an increasingly important role in weather forecast program since it has been fully put into use in May 2021.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER Robotic Crane System in Weather Virtual Studio of TZQX

Last Friday, there was a report about the typhoon in this virtual studio. SEEDER robotic crane system based on FREE-D protocol, professional data tracking provided to cooperate with virtual and real production to achieve high accuracy of screen coordination.

The system is well compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, Rossvideo, ZD, etc., and the tracking accuracy up to 0.001° that makes it perfectly suitable for augmented reality, virtual reality and live programs in the weather forecast virtual studio.

Virtual Weather Report with the Crane Sytem

According to data, the demand for virtual studios has increased exponentially since March 2020. COVID-19 means that broadcasters must create a safer working environment for talents, and virtual studios can help achieve this. Virtual studio production gives us the ability to transform a limited physical studio into an unlimited imaginary world. And a professional camera crane with high precise makes the virtual shooting more stable and efficient.

What Makes SEEDER Robotic Crane System Stand Out?

When it comes to studio production, common lens movements such as push, pull, zoom are very easy to achieve in the traditional studio, but it does not have much beauty and lacks hierarchy. In this case, we'd like to mention 8 axis curvilinear motions of the SEEDER robotic crane system. This technology is initiated and developed by SEEDER and is based on the technical requirements of today's studio and the company's years of industry experience. In view of the many advantages, SEEDER believes the system has potential. Actually it do highly recognized by the industry professionals and television studios.

AI Curvilinear Motions Demo

8 axis refer to left/right, up/down, back/forth of the jib, pan, tilt, zoom, focus and aperture. The 8 axis curvilinear motions is continual multipoint ultra-smooth curvilinear motions through integrating AI technology. It can ensure the camera shooting of complex motions.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

This is a  groundbreaking to adopt this system for meteorological field in China. Most importantly, consumers are expressing their satisfaction with this new type of weather storytelling. As a professional manufacturer of camera support with almost 20 years'experience, SEEDER will continue to develop and provide advanced products for the television broadcasting industry.