Virtual Studios or Traditional Studios for Broadcast Industry?

2022-09-28 14:04:10 May

When it comes to the traditional studio, we know that it needs a venue, various sets and exquisite lighting.

Of course, the studio will also be different according to the styles of the program and the budgets, present different picture effect. For example, the presentation style of the weather forecast studio is different from that of the news studio.

If there is only one studio, and there are many programs, then the staffs may have to keep changing the scenery and lighting, in order to achieve the picture presentation of different programs. It takes a lot of imagination of the creative staffs for the studio to show a complete studio effect. However, their ideas are often limited by the size of the studio, the design and construction of the scene,  or some other required elements. Therefore, sometimes some ingenious ideas cannot be completely realized, which will produce bad effects or unexpected results on the whole program.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Virtual studio with SEEDER robotic crane

Why virtual stdio is poular and applied by broadcast & TV industry?

Firstly, it can achieve the shooting effect that the traditional studio cannot achieve and improve the quality of program production.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER robotic crane AR demo

The use of virtual studio system not only save a huge amount of hardware investment, reduces staffing, and improve the efficiency of program production, but also can achieve the shooting effects that cannot be achieved in traditional studios, such as crossing the earth, shaking hands between people and cartoons, volcanic eruption at the foot, rain and snow at any time, so that the shooting of TV programs are truly free from the constraints of time and space and creativity.

Secondly, it saves the cost of video production.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

SEEDER robotic crane in TV virtual studio

Virtual studio system can shoot hundreds or even thousands of square meters of studio effect in dozens of square meters of studio. There is no need to actually build scenes and display props, so the column display can be updated at any time, and the saved cost of setting and props is also considerable.

How does SEEDER play an important role in virtual studios?

SEEDER, as a leading brand in the industry with nearly 20 years of R&D, production and sales experience, has played an important role in virtual studio. As the only strategic partner of Vizrt's graphic products (the world's largest R&D enterprise providing high-end 3D virtual studio system for TV broadcasting industry) in China, SEEDER has always maintained its high quality and advanced product R&D concept.

The camera support equipment with virtual tracking function (such as robotic crane, pedestals VR tracking systems, 12MCranes VR tracking systems, tripod VR tracking systems ) for broadcast industry can cooperate very well with Vizrt virtual system and studio automation to make the virtual studio achieve the best effect. This is the reason why SEEDER has been favored and cooperated by TV studios of major provinces and cities for many years. At the same time, SEEDER has established a lasting cooperation strategy with overseas customers.

Besides, there is a standard TCP / IP network communication protocol, which can be controlled by third-party equipment or system and can realize automatic operation. It supports Vizrt Mosart, Ross Overdrive, Grassvalley and other studio control systems.

Optical and dynamic collision avoidance technology are adopted to ensure the safe operation of robotic crane, which guarantee the stability and high precision of shooting.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Tracking accuracy test of SEEDER robotic crane in news studio

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