SEEDER Studio Automation System is Officially Live Production on Jingmen TV!

2022-09-28 14:04:43 admin

SEEDER studio automation system was officially live streaming in the automation studio of JMTV on July 7!

From the start of the project to the bidding, to the project construction and trial operation, to the official live production, the studio system has experienced multiple difficult tests including the COVID-19 epidemic. It took nearly a year and a half for the studio system to be completed and put into use.

The project adopts SEEDER studio automation system and SEEDER camera support equipment for the 240 square meter studio, including robotic crane system RB18CR2, Pedestal Pan/Tilt Head RB18VH2-PT50, camera tripods, auto teleprompters, etc.

In order to ensure the official first live production, SEEDER team gave full technical support and actively debugged. On the day of the end of the live production, the leaders of the TV station spoke highly of the service of our technical team.

The studio production can automatically load program content and program templates, use fewer people to control, and a simple space bar triggers the control of multiple device linkage, which improves the program presentation, work efficiency and studio utilization, and reduces the errors of manual collaborative operation. A user only needs to simply operate the spacebar according to the time node to programmatically complete the effect that previously required complex multi person collaborative operation and multi device collaborative operation. Program producers only need to use a large number of templates to complete content production.

SEEDER camera support equipments and automation studio systems have been successfully applied to various studios of radio and television stations with successful cases. As a professional camera support manufacturer, SEEDER will continue to provide high-quality products and services for the broadcast television industry under the guidance of technological R&D and innovation.