• Application of Robotic Camera Systems in Virtual Studio Interview

    With the continuous innovation of TV news interview, online "cloud interview" and virtual studio came into being. Through cloud interviews, we can break the distance limit and interact with

    2023/02/24 Ari

  • Selection of Virtual Tracking Tripod for Studio

    In addition to our common use to produce various TV programs, virtual studios are also widely used in education, enterprises, government and other non-radio and television professional fields. As a ne

    2023/02/03 Ari

  • Camera Tracking Technology - One of the Key Technologies of Virtual Production!

    Virtual production is booming, and it is increasingly used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and almost everyone who wants to create immersive experiences with real-time virtual content. By combining the f

    2023/01/12 Ari

  • Real Digital Person Anchor of Virtual Studio in TV Station

    Virtual digital people bring various conveniences to news production. Virtual anchors can greatly reduce the cost of news content production, provide all-weather services and multiple application scen

    2022/12/30 Ari

  • Five Advantages of Movable XR Virtual Studio

    With the development of virtual entertainment industry and the constant maturity of XR technology, more and more TV and network programs begin to largely use virtual studio technology, making the audi

    2022/11/04 Ari

  • RBL08VH: Robotic Head for Lightweight Cameras

    This very cost-effective robotic pan/tilt head (RB08VH) is designed for video shooting of handheld camera and studio camera, and can meet every need of professional broadcast television studios especially automation studio with features of anti shake technology, noise reduction technology and AI curvilinear motion technology, etc.. Contact for best quotation now!

    2022/09/28 Ari

  • Four Benefits of xR Virtual Production

    At present, xR has become the mainstream of the virtual studio industry. It has a special meaning in film and television, broadcast and live entertainment production.Main technologies of xR virtual pr

    2022/09/28 May

  • Virtual Studios or Traditional Studios for Broadcast Industry?

    When it comes to the traditional studio, we know that it needs a venue, various sets and exquisite lighting.Of course, the studio will also be different according to the styles of the program and the

    2022/09/28 May

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