SEEDER Launches 2-Stage Studio Pedestal Series

2022-11-04 09:35:31 Ari

In 2022, SEEDER launched a series of two-stage studio camera pedestal systems, filling the gap that there is no domestic two-stage pedestals. The SEEDER two-stage pedestals provide superior operational flexibility with a two-stage column (9 cm / 11 cm diameter air cylinder), more than 70 cm on-shot stroke and 90 kg / 198.4 lbs maximum payload.

Video of SEEDER S60PT800 two-stage studio camera pedestal system

This series has retained the design of full CNC processing, double color digital barometer, and direction adjustable dolly of SEEDER camera pedestal systems. 

The on-shot stroke is upgraded from 39 cm to 70 cm, which meets the requirements for adjusting the camera stand height when the presenter in the panorama studio is broadcasting at the station, sitting, and different scenes and different heights, especially the smooth up and down motion shooting after the teleprompter is mounted on the pedestal. 

SEEDER 2-stage pedestal products can match 100 mm, 150 mm and flat base head, 50 KG - 90 KG payload range, which can meet the installation requirements of most studio cameras. 

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) processing is one of SEEDER's most highlight features. Pedestal and head are all processed by CNC technology to ensure high precision and intensity. 

SEEDER CNC processing technology

The damping dolly is direction adjustable, which can lock the movement track.

SEEDER all pedestal series products are equipped with digital barometer charger to save manual pumping. Long press for three seconds to turn it on for quick to quick inflate, fast and easy to use. 

SEEDER is a professional manufacturer of manual and robotic camera support systems with three independent R&D teams, providing customers in the broadcast television field with extremely high-quality products and services, and has harvested a great many successful cases in the global market.