XR Virtual Production Brings New Light to E-sports Live

2022-11-25 15:46:18 Ari

Now, XR virtual technology is used in live broadcast of large-scale competitions in the game industry, many E-sports have taken the way of XR virtual live broadcast to shoot, showing the grand and fantastic game scenes to the audience creatively by using the robotic camera systems. For the game industry, XR can realize the freedom of creation at a low cost. Whether it is a big scene or a game scene with rich imagination, it can be completed in a very limited space through virtual production, fully showing the spirit and characteristics of the game, and can also be recycled for many times to form a digital asset.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Of course, the shooting method of setting up scenes or green screen can also ensure the picture effect to a certain extent, but for the game industry, there are more restrictions on setting up a scene or shooting real scenes. Most of the game scenes are imaginative and creative, and there are countless grand scenes. It takes time and energy to build and dismantle them, and the live broadcast also blocks the option of changing the sites. If the on-site shooting effect is not ideal, it is even more absurd to want to make real-time modifications.

Although the green screen synthesis scheme is convenient to set up and shoot, the cost of on-site virtual production is high, the workload of picture modification is heavy, and the live broadcast is inevitably a little delayed, which is also prone to the phenomenon of "light overflow", which increases the burden of post production and affects the broadcast effect. What's more, it is difficult to immerse the players and the host in the live broadcast of the game when the green screen without physical scene, and fully show the game core.

XR virtual photography is convenient and efficient. It can easily break through the dimensional wall, combine the virtual with the reality, show the virtual scenes in real time, adjust and control according to the real needs, achieve a one second transition, create a wonderful game world with great immersion, and reduce the shooting cost.

XR can also combine AR to make virtual foreground, visualize abstract information, enable the host to show information vividly and comprehensively in every move, enhance the visual shock effect of live broadcast, and bring game experience to the audience. You can also create virtual people to host activities, so that the characters in the game can appear in three dimensions, enhancing the connection between the game and reality.

SEEDER robotic crane and camera tracker can well meet the requirements of virtual production. The systems are one-time calibration and available in seconds after power on, which can quickly realize real-time XR virtual shooting. Operators can easily and fast preset scenes and modify the movements to improve shooting efficiency and ensure safe and smooth shooting. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The AI curvilinear motion can perfectly present the shooting angles. 8 axis motion of the robotic camera crane can often take shots that cannot be captured by other cameras, bring the audience a different visual experience of E-sports live.