When a cameraman encounters the high-tech robotics, it will be meaningful for special shots!

2022-11-18 13:47:56 Ari

The robotic camera systems can effectively use the studio space, increase the multi-dimensional lens expression, and meet the needs of diversified program production. More importantly, it can be well applied to automation studios and automatically run shooting. The SEEDER robotic elevating pan/tilt head mentioned here can meet the needs of all the requirements as it can be remotely controlled by one person with just one-click. And the robotic control panel can control up to 8 robotics, preset 32 programs, 32 sequences per program, and 16 scenes per sequence.

 SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The shooting of TV programs requires high camera stability, especially in live programs. Once jitter occurs, it will have a negative impact on the broadcast effect. The industry-leading fast start stop anti shake technology developed by SEEDER ensures the shot does not shake, especially during fast start and fast stop.


System Equipment Composition


The equipment adopts the third generation U-type robotic pan and tilt head, robotic silent lifting platform, and control cable. This year, we have made some upgrades to the robotic series, including the configuration of an electronic level system to facilitate rapid calibration. And the screen of the robotic elevator system moves up from the bottom, which is more in line with our requirements for easy viewing.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The system adopts a three-stage hexagonal lifting column, column diameter is 180-300mm, which can be used up and down (Y) motions, plus the pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris of the robotic head, a total of six axis motion, accurate positioning of the movement track and adjustment of the movement speed, and arbitrary recording.


The head adopts a bowl size of 100mm, and the maximum camera payload is divided into three types: 30/18/12KG, which can be attached with a teleprompter. It's precision mechanical lifting system, lens lifting range 1191mm-1961mm.


One-Time Calibration


The calibration is convenient, the absolute encoders are used to record the motion position and tracking data without initialize calibration. It is very suitable for live, AR, VR and XR shooting of various TV studios and activity sites.


Noise Reduction Measures


Because the robotics are used in TV program production, noise control is extremely important to ensure the shooting effect. The maximum speed running noise of the SEEDER robotic series is less than 20dB, which can meet the needs of professional studios.


Auto Targeting Stage Scene


It can automatically target stage scene when the robotic elevating pan/tilt head is moving. Through artificial intelligence technology, the target can be tracked quickly, accurately and stably without the control of the photographer, and every wonderful moment can be recorded.