Five Advantages of Movable XR Virtual Studio

2022-11-04 15:59:52 Ari

With the development of virtual entertainment industry and the constant maturity of XR technology, more and more TV and network programs begin to largely use virtual studio technology, making the audience refreshing. 

Meanwhile, the concept of "Metaverse" is blooming, XR virtual technology is developing rapidly. XR virtual application scenarios are also expanding the industry boundaries. At the same time, the demand for XR virtual studios in the mass consumer market is also growing dramatically. Thus, the movable XR virtual studio is an innovation.

Take the movable XR virtual studio of Starpark, a partner of SEEDER, as an example, this studio is composed of external truss, LED screen and processor, XR server, camera tracking system, audio and recording system, etc., also the most advanced UE5 virtual engine in the industry is adopted. Through the dynamic tracking system, the positions of actors and virtual scenes are obtained in real time to realize the seamless connection and immersive integration of stage scenes and virtual scenes, bring different "visual" worlds and dimensions to the audience, and create an infinite sense of space in the limited space.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

The studio can not only achieve indoor XR real-time recording, outdoor LED large screen real-time preview, and real-time film, but also can conduct video and audio streaming live broadcast and push through a dedicated APP or network live broadcast platform to better meet customer needs.

1. Diversified application scenarios to meet market demand

XR mobile studio can provide diversified one-stop full process XR virtual production technology services for government, small and medium-sized enterprises, individuals/groups, etc.

At present, the market prospect of XR industry is broad. The movable XR virtual studio can be widely used in various promotional films, policy presentations, education and training, online live broadcast, press conferences, art photography, personal work shooting, meta universe immersion experience, scenic spots immersion display and other fields.

2. High quality effect, creating unlimited vision for customers

The movable XR virtual studio system adopts the most advanced unreal engine 5 at present, and is equipped with top digital asset creative design, technical innovation team and high-precision SEEDER virtual head tracking S40VR-PT50, which can create rich virtual content and provide high-quality digital assets and film and television visual effects for various types of virtual production.

3. Personalized service to unlock new customer needs

Based on customer needs, the movable XR studio can provide personalized customized services in terms of space size, technical requirements, equipment configuration, effect output, waterproof requirements, and provide continuous software, hardware, and professional technical personnel services.

4. Cost effective

Traditional XR virtual studio, with large space area and relatively high shooting cost, mainly meets the needs of B-end large and medium-sized enterprise customers, and is difficult to meet the personalized needs of small and micro customers, individuals/teams.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Compared with the traditional XR virtual studio with insufficient flexibility and high cost, the XR movable studio can effectively meet the personalized needs of the B-end and individual groups, not only reducing the time and personnel costs of enterprise outdoor shooting, but also meeting the use needs of customers with multiple frequencies and scenes, with more cost-effective.

5. Only 2 days to complete the construction efficiently

According to the customer's installation location and size requirements, it can be quickly deployed, flexibly assembled and disassembled, and can be built in 2 days without space restrictions. XR real-time recording, outdoor LED screen real-time preview, and real-time film formation can be achieved.