A fully Intelligent Remote Control Robotic Tripod for Live Stremming

2023-03-24 17:06:43 Ari

In order to ensure the picture quality and stablility, the camera tripod is an essential tool. With the popularity of live streaming, in addition to continuous innovation in content, form, and scenes, the demand for tripods and the technologies are increasing. The portable robotic head tripod RBL08VH launched by SEEDER is a good choice and is widely used in the industry. With features such as AI anti-shake technology and axis motion of pan, tilt, zoom, focus and aperture, this SEEDER robotics can be well applied to real-time shooting and high tracking accuracy output to ensure virtual production of live streaming.

Using a small page-turning pen or simple keyboard operations to easily achieve automatic shooting of RBL08VH robotics. This RBL08VH is a highly intelligent remote control robotic pan tilt head system designed for lightweight cameras. As the weight of the L-type robotic pan and tilt head is 4.6 Kg, it is very portable.At the same time, according to different usage needs, it can be quickly placed on the tripod or mounted on the wall and ceiling to ensure the flexibility of video production. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

In terms of precision and virtual production, it is FreeD protocol tracking data with 23 bit (8,300,000 / 360 °) tracking accuracy can be output through RS422 and directional UDP. It can accurately and stably record programs remotely under unmanned conditions at the recording site, providing accurate and stable VR/AR/XR/MR virtual tracking data, and now the system has been widely used in live streaming, campus classrooms and studios, new media studios, conferences, outdoor environments, stage theatres, etc..