Application of Tripods and Robotics in Live Streaming Field

2023-02-17 15:58:16 Ari

Live streaming has become an important means of television news reporting. The live streaming mode varies according to the occurrence and development process of the on-site events. The small live streaming in the studio is mainly focuses on activities of the education, government, business, etc., without the need for an OB van and some large equipment such as a robotic camera crane.

Small live streaming mainly uses portable equipment, so the selection of camera tripod is mainly portable and lightweight. Here we recommend the T40C4 tripod and RBL08VH robotic pan tilt head. 

The 3-stage 100% carbon fiber tripod system T40C4 is processed by CNC processing and 304 stainless steels ensure intensity and durability. With a weight of 3.56kg and a padded bag, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Robotics are of great significance to live streaming, especially virtual live streaming. The virtual live studio effectively solves the high demand for the venue and effect of live broadcasting. Through real-time simulation of different application scenarios, it greatly improves the "sense of bringing in" of audiences. The portable and cost-effective RBL08VH robotic tripod can automatically shooting of AR, VR or live broadcast with high precision. 

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

On-site debugging is crucial to the smooth operation of the whole live streaming. After the equipment is in place, the live site shall be surveyed to ensure the integrity of power supply, signal broadcasting and equipment, and the backup broadcast shall be prepared. The 10-minute quick installation and one-time calibration of RBL08VH shorten the debugging time of technicians and ensures the timeliness, accuracy and safety of live broadcast.

TV stations with sufficient budgets choose to use robotic crane to live streaming in their automation studios, which is more efficient and safer. Only one person to complete the work with "one-click" operation, which solves the problem of insufficient personnel and reduces the cost. The SEEDER AI robotic camera crane has the automatic and low-delay tracking and shooting functions, which can intelligently identify and target the host's human characteristics, capture the position changes in real time, and drive the robotic crane to track and shoot in real time, without the manual control of the cameraman. The operator can complete the live tasks more flexibly, easily and safely.

SEEDER camera support equipment for Broadcast television industry

Mobile phones have already surpassed broadcast television as the main means of news dissemination. The automation studio has brought us innovation in production and communication means. The integration of large and small screens has significantly improved the liveness and timeliness of programs.