SEEDER Makes a Big Splash at BroadcastAsia, Poised for Growth

2023-06-10 15:11:14 Ari

BroadcastAsia (BCA) Exhibition, Asia's largest and most comprehensive broadcast and media technology exhibition, opened grandly at the Singapore Expo on June 7, 2023. It provides a platform for exhibitors worldwide to exchange ideas on professional audio, film, digital multimedia and broadcast video technologies, leading the innovation trend in the digital age.

SEEDER showcased its strength in the three-day exhibition, bringing heavyweight new products and best sellers such as studio automation systems, robotic camera systems, virtual head tracking systems and tripods, which attracted a lot of attention from the industry. It attracted many customers to visit and experience, and the on-site popularity was booming. 

Customers from Southeast Asia praised the technological innovation and processing technology of products demonstrated on-site by SEEDER. The SEEDER team had in-depth discussions with partners and potential customers from the region. Professionals in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and other countries communicated with the SEEDER team on site.


Southeast Asia remains a key growth market for SEEDER. After three years of absence from the exhibition due to the COVID-19, SEEDER's return to Singapore to attend the BCA exhibition this time felt like coming home. Its return this time and the products and technologies exhibited made the audience instantly brightened, consolidating its leading position in innovation and expanding its development in this market.

Ten Years of Focus and Craftsmanship

Over the past decade, SEEDER has continuously enriched its vertical product lines in broadcast camera support equipments, completing the production of a full range of tripods, pedestals, virtual head tracking systems and robotics.  

At this BCA exhibition, SEEDER's third-generation robotic crane system RB30CR3 and portable robotic pan/tilt head system RBL08VH demonstrated SEEDER's latest technological achievements in robotic pan-tilt heads and control systems. Features such as fast start-stop, dual anti-collision technology and AI curvilinear motion greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs while ensuring program production quality.

Mr. Zhu, founder of SEEDER brand, insists that good products are the premise of everything. While ensuring product quality, SEEDER continues to increase investment in research and development to achieve rapid iteration of products and raise China's broadcast manufacturing to a world-leading level. 

Studio Automation Solutions Lead the New Track

SEEDER responds to various needs in current studio construction and develops intelligent studio solutions with complete independent intellectual property rights. The advantages of "full process production" and "one-key automatic broadcast" of SEEDER SIAA 2.0 have received an enthusiastic market response once launched. At NAB exhibition in the United States, CABSAT exhibition in Dubai and this BroadcastAsia exhibition in Singapore, the on-site workflow experience and fool-like operation have aroused strong interest from customers.

During the exciting three-day exhibition, the SEEDER team interacted with decision makers and innovators, which will accelerate SEEDER's pace to expand its market and strengthen the company's confidence in further tapping into the Asian and global markets.